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Editorial team

Gabriel M. Gurman – Chief Editor, Kai Zacharowski, Bazil Ateleanu, Jennifer Rose, Tony Kirby, Christopher Blacker, Marc Gimenez and Liana Valeanu 

From the Editor in Chief

We are glad to inform our members and readers that starting this issue, each paper posted in the ESAIC Newsletter would include the counting number of those who read it, and also a rubric for comments. It is our feeling that this is the right way to enlarge the information about how our members and readers see the Newsletter, and what are their preferences. We would like to encourage everybody to use the “comments” rubric and express his/her opinion about each paper’s content. It is our intention to ask each article’s author(s) to react to the comments, thus assuring a successful contact with our readers. I am taking this opportunity to thank Ms Jennifer Rose and Mr George John for their continuous efforts to improve the Newsletter’s quality and appearance.