• The ESAIC CTN is open to all clinicians meeting study protocol criteria.
  • Individuals and Institutions/Centres may participate in several studies of the ESAIC CTN at the same time.
  • Centres throughout Europe are invited to participate in ESAIC CTN studies. Some studies are also open to non-European sites (study protocol specific).
  • In case several individuals from the same department apply to participate in the same study, only one person for each centre will be appointed as responsible for the centre and will be referred to as ‘Principal Investigator.’
  • If several departments from the same institution apply to participate in a CTN study and if these departments have buildings at different locations, it may be possible to consider the 2 locations as 2 separate study sites.
  • For all ESAIC Sponsored studies, at least one person of the Institution taking part in the CTN study must be an ESAIC member and will be required to provide an ESAIC membership number (active or associate). The Research Committee suggests that either the Local Coordinator and/or the Head of the department (preferably both and even more colleagues from the department) become a member of the ESAIC in order to ensure that there is at least one ESAIC member as collaborator for the research publication of the study per CTN centre.

You are invited to submit contact details on behalf of your hospital in order to become an ESAIC CTN centre participating in one or more studies.

  • Completion of the Online Call for Centres Form will facilitate coordination and is mandatory for registering the Institution’s participation in an ESAIC CTN study.
  • For MET-REPAIR only UK Centre registration is possible.
  • All fields on the ‘Call for Centres form’ marked with an asterisk are mandatory. More information can be found here, for advantages resulting from the various membership types, please refer to the ESAIC membership section.
  • The ESAIC Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of the ‘Call for Centres form’ and will contact centres providing them with additional study information.


More Information?

For more Information, please contact the ESAIC Research Department research@esaic.org.