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Coronavirus and us

This new issue of our Newsletter is aired in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, a situation which is affecting all the world and is endangering and taking the lives of many citizens across the globe.

Due to these circumstances all the medical teams, in each country and hospital, are busy day and night trying to offer the affected population the necessary care.

Anaesthesiologists are on the first line of this cruel war against death, and they perform their daily activity on a 24/7 basis.

So, the question which needs to be answered is who could find the time to read papers included in a newsletter which have almost no connection to the drama of these dark days?

We, the Newsletter Editorial team, thought that maybe paradoxically our readers could find in this last issue a window towards things related to our profession, a door towards other thoughts, with no connection to the coronavirus pandemic.

We are of an opinion that reading the papers included in the present issue, discussing its content, expressing a different opinion, other than those included in one paper or another, could contribute to the improvement of the spirit, and offer a unique opportunity to think of other topics, away from the daily drama we are witnessing.

We do hope that our readers will agree with this opinion.

The ESAIC Newsletter Editorial team wishes all our readers and members good health and send our very best wishes to them in their efforts to give patients a solid chance to overcome this dangerous disease.



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