The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) is the largest professional community of anaesthesiologists in Europe. We strive to promote the professional role of the anesthesiologist and intensivist, maintain the highest standards of practice and patient safety, and foster an exchange of information between our global community. We achieve this through the many resources, educational tools, research support, and networking opportunities we provide our members, colleagues, and partners –  all of whom are part of the larger anaesthesiology and intensive care community.

The ESAIC provides continuing education and advances knowledge, leads the way in patient safety, helps to elevate the anaesthesiologist’s practice, and creates valuable and lasting connections with our global community. In doing this, the ESAIC contributes to the growth and innovation found in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care.

Through our education and exams department, and along with our annual congress, Euroanaesthesia, we promote the exchange of knowledge between European anaesthesiologists worldwide by disseminating information related to scientific progress in anaesthesiology. With its research grants, the ESAIC gives much needed financial supports to young anaesthesiologists, pilot studies, and individual projects.

The ESAIC also offers a series of established training educational activities made available to the community of students, trainees, researchers, teachers, and professionals. Finally, to facilitate and harmonise the activities of anaesthesiologists across Europe, we regularly produce guidelines and reports concerning patient safety and quality of care regarding patients receiving or having received anaesthesia.

We believe that maintaining the highest standards of practice and safety in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain, and perioperative medicine is a global priority, supported by our collective international expertise and community. Our members and the greater community are able to:

Influence and make a difference in the future of anaesthesiology through countless leadership opportunities

Access exclusive grants, studies, and other resources to help further the field and practice

Connect and cross-borders with an extensive network of international colleagues

Gain Knowledge through cutting-edge information in our publications and guidelines

Grow professionally and personally with our distinguished education and exam programmes

The role of the anaesthesiologist in a hospital can sometimes be a globally renowned invisible one – people are usually aware of who their surgeon is, but they might not be aware of a noteworthy player in their hospital journey – the anaesthesiologist, a highly qualified, specialist doctor playing a hugely valued medical role of critical importance. The ESAIC not only strives to innovate our field, provide support and educational opportunities to those in the profession, and make significant and critical connections to our vast network – we also aim to educate the public about the role of the anaesthesiologist involved in their care and how we can work together to improve patient safety for everyone, everywhere.

Through our educational offerings, research support system, guideline committees, globally renowned congress, commitment to advancing patient safety, and countless network-building opportunities, we provide an infrastructure for physicians, patients, institutions, clinicians, and scientists that allow for collaborative work – across international borders – which improve the care of patients in the fields of anaesthesiology, intensive care, perioperative medicine, emergency medicine, and pain medicine.