The occurrence of AKI within 72h after surgery according to the KDIGO criteria


Effect of preoperative risk factors on the incidence of postoperative AKI

Effect of predetermined intraoperative factors on the impact of postoperative AKI

Biomarkers of AKI (urine for this endpoint will be collected in some centres)


Study design

EPIS-AKI is an international multi-centre, prospective observational study to include 10,000 patients in total to clarify the incidence and circumstances of the occurrence of acute kidney injury in patients undergoing major surgery.


Inclusion criteria

  1. Age ≥ 18 years
  2. Major operations with a duration of at least two hours
  3. Planned or unplanned admission to the ICU, IMC or PACU after surgery
  4. Written informed consent


Exclusion criteria

  1. Pre-existing AKI
  2. AKI within the last three months
  3. End-stage renal disease with dialysis dependency
  4. Kidney transplant


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