The continuously increasing elderly population (≥80 years) in Europe suggests a dramatic growth in the number of elderly patients undergoing a variety of surgical and non-surgical interventional procedures. Little is known about the peri-interventional mortality rates and outcome in this specific elderly population.

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Primary: To determine the peri-interventional (surgical and non-surgical interventional) all-cause mortality rate on day 30.

Secondary: To assess an array of post-interventional major complications and functional and cognitive outcome until the post-interventional day 30.

Study design

European multi-centre, prospective observational cohort study with the aim to Include 7500 patients in total.
Recruitment period: 30 days (self-selected by each centre)

Follow-up period per patient: 30 days after intervention

Inclusion criteria

  1. Age ≥ 80 years
  2. Written informed consent prior to study participation
  3. All consecutive patients undergoing surgical and non-surgical interventions (e.g. radiological, neuroradiological, cardiological, gastroenterological) with anaesthesia care (performed by an anaesthetist) within the selected inclusion period of 30 days
  4. Elective and emergency procedures
  5. In-patient and out-patient procedures

Exclusion criteria

  1. People who are institutionalized by court or administrative order
  2. Patients with re-intervention within the 30 days recruitment period, who were already enrolled in this study

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Contact Person

Mark Coburn (University Hospital RWTH Aachen):           mcoburn@ukaachen.de
Ana Kowark (University Hospital RWTH Aachen):             akowark@ukaachen.de