Prof. Nicola Disma, IRCCS Istituto Giannina Gaslini, Genova, Italy


Prof. Maren Kleine-Brueggeney, U German Heart Center Berlin and Charité – Universitaetsmedizin, Berlin, Germany

Steering committee members

Arash Afshari – Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Karin Becke – Cnopf Children’s Hospital, Germany

Nicola Clausen – University Hospital Odense, Denmark

Margaret Ekstein – Telaviv Hospital, Israel

Peter Frykholm – University of Uppsala, Sweden

Patricio González – La Paz Children’s Hospital, Spain

Walid Habre – University of Geneva, Switzerland

Thomas Riva -University of Bern, Switzerland

Carolina Romero – University Hospital, Spain

Francis Veyckemans – Hôpital Jeanne de Flandre, France

Britta von Ungern Sternberg – University of Western Australia, Australia



PARNet is the first Research Network aimed at creating a collaborative of paediatric anaesthetists in Europe and develop large clinical trials. Soe of the open questions that will be addressed are:

  • What is the incidence of critical events occurring during tracheal intubation in children?
  • What is the incidence of pulmonary aspiration of gastric content in the paediatric population?
  • Can appropriate oxygen supplementation reduce the incidence of peri-intubation complications?

Current Projects

CRICKET (Critical Events during tracheal intubation in kids)

A prospective observational study looking at major complications occurring during tracheal intubation in children undergoing general anaesthesia. Children from 0 to 16 years requiring tracheal intubation for general anaesthesia performed by the anaesthesia team are eligible for the study.

The aim is to include 100,000 patients within a period of 3 consecutive months, in 500 centres spread in all continents. The starting date will be communicated once all centres are ready to start simultaneously.

The study protocol is ready and centres interested to participate are welcome to join the network. All participating center should receive approval by the local Ethic Committee or IRB before starting.

For further information contact the study coordinator at CRICKET@insel.ch

To register for the study please complete this short form below:


EUROFast (European Preoperative Fasting Audit)

A prospective observational study with the primary aim to determine the safety of reducing the required fasting time for clear fluids to at least one hour before elective procedures (as recommended in the ESAIC guideline). Secondary aims are to investigate risk factors for aspiration and real fasting times associated with registered events.

The EUROFAST is ongoing study. If you wish to join the study please contact eurofast@uu.se