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BJA-ESAIC Grant (100€k)

Call for the grant is Closed

Grant winner 2022 is announced at Awards and Grants Winners page

The ESAIC Research Committee is delighted to present the BJA – ESAIC Grant. Born from the collaboration between the ESAIC and the British Journal of Anaesthesia Charity willing to enhance clinical practice in the field of Anaesthesia, this Grant will offer the unique possibility to provide its winner with a €100.000 budget. All projects, within the framework of Anaesthesia, will be taken into consideration.

2022 ESAIC Grants

ESAIC Andreas Hoeft’s Grant (70€k) – This year is dedicated to Anaesthesiology

ESAIC Research Project Grant (50€k) – This year is dedicated to Intensive Care

Applications for these programmes are now closed. 

The result for both grants will be announced in March 2022

ESAIC Grant (20€k) supported by an unrestricted research grant from Sintetica

Applications for these programme is now closed.