BJA-ESAIC Grant Steering Committee is happy to announce that Dr Emanuel van den Broeke, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Brussels Belgium is the winner of the ESAIC-BJA Grant 2020. He will develop his project called: “Predicting pain persistence: the assessment of experimentally-induced central sensitization in patients before undergoing thoracic surgery”.

Thank you to all applicants who sent very high-quality projects.

ESAIC-BJA Grant Steering Committee members,
Prof. Thomas Fuchs-Buder, Prof. Stefan De Hert, Prof. Michel Struys, Prof. David Lambert

ESAIC Research Committee is delighted to announce the creation of the BJA – ESAIC Grants. Born from the collaboration between ESAIC and the British Journal of Anaesthesia willing to enhance clinical practice in the field of Anaesthesia, this Grant will offer the unique possibility to provide its winner with a 100 000 euros budget. All projects, within the framework of Anaesthesia, will be taken into consideration.

Grant application can only be submitted online via the ESAIC submission website up to 31 October 2019. The abstract text should not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces).Abstracts submitted by mail, or e-mail will not be accepted. All submitted grant application will go through a peer-review process carried out by international reviewers from the ESAIC Research Committee. Out of all applications, maximum 40 applications will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Please note that all application must be written in English. Please write as simply as possible and avoid language mistakes. If English is not your first language, we recommend that you have your application reviewed by a native speaker before submission.

Submission process for short-abstract Grant application and schedule

  • All applicants for a grant in the framework of the Grant Programme must be a qualified member of an institution in one of the countries that is represented in the ESAIC Council as defined in the By-laws of ESAIC
  • Exclusion criteria: existing projects or studies that have already received a grant either from a private, non-for profit, industry or institutional source
  • The work must be performed in one of the European countries that is represented in the ESAIC Council or from which the National Society is a Society Member of the ESAIC may apply. Collaborative studies among different European countries may be supported. In this case, it is necessary to receive recommendation letters from all the institutions participating in the study.

Download the “Eligibility criteria”

Eligibility criteria & conditions


Please do not hesitate to contact the ESAIC Research team at research@esaic.org for any question.