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Year of Selection & Year of Publication 2009 & 2012


Paragraph on background/aims and objectives:

The European Surgical Outcomes Study (EuSOS) is a multi-centre, international cohort study of perioperative care and clinical outcomes for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery.

Participating centres throughout Europe will contribute routine clinical data describing all eligible patients who undergo surgery from 4th April 2011 to 11th April 2011. Patients will then be followed until hospital discharge (or for a maximum of 60 days) for the duration of hospital stay and hospital mortality. Routine clinical data will also be collected for those patients admitted to critical care at any stage after surgery but during the same hospital admission. Specific objectives are to describe clinical outcomes and standards of perioperative care for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery in Europe.


List of Chief investigator and Steering Committee members

Chief Investigator

Rupert Pearse

Steering committee

Peter Bauer, Vienna, Austria (statistician)

Andreas Hoeft, Bonn, Germany

Philip Metnitz, Vienna, Austria

Rui Moreno, Lisboa, Portugal

Rupert Pearse, London, United Kingdom (chief investigator)

Paolo Pelosi, Varese, Italy

Andrew Rhodes, London, United Kingdom

Claudia Spies, Berlin, Germany

Benoit Vallet, Lille, France

Jean-Louis Vincent, Brussels, Belgium



The EuSOS study is sponsored by the  Queen Mary University of London.

Contact email for more info => research@esaic.org