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Year of Selection & Year of Publication: 2012 & 2016

Paragraph on background/aims and objectives:

The ETPOS study aims to describe differences in transfusion habits throughout Europe and to correlate these habits to perioperative outcome parameters. Particular focus is put on the number of PRBCs transfused and the ratio of PRBCs to other blood products or coagulation factors in the operating room. Furthermore, the motivation of physicians to transfuse PRBC and blood products in the operating room will be investigated.

In European patients undergoing elective non-cardiac surgery receiving at least one PRBC during their operation, it is proposed to:

  1. Evaluate evidence of differences in the standard of perioperative transfusion care in different healthcare systems within Europe, and the use of blood conserving techniques.
    • Evaluate the ratio of transfusion of PRBC to blood products in the operating room
    • Evaluate which factors determine transfusion of PRBC (is it patient’s haemodynamics/haemoglobin threshold / pressure from the surgeon / acute brisk bleeding / else) and blood products (ratio to PRBC / POC monitoring / per protocol / else) in the operating room.
  2. Evaluate whether there are factors in transfusion therapy that are associated with outcome (postoperative mortality within 30 days and unplanned admission to ICU).


List of Chief investigator and Steering Committee members


Assoc. Prof. Dr Daniela Filipescu Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
Sos. Fundeni no. 256, RO 022328 Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Dr Sibylle Kozek Langenecker EKH Evangelic Hospital Vienna
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10-12, AU 1180, Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr Juan V. Llau Pitarch Hospital Cl├şnico Universitario de Valencia
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Avenida Vicente Blasco Iba├▒ez, ES 17 46010 Valencia, Spain
Dr Susan Mallett Royal Free London NHS Foundation
Trust, Pond Street, NW3 2QG London, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr Peter Martus
(Study Statistician)
Department of Anesthesiology
Westbahnhofstra├če 55, DE 72070 T├╝bingen, Germany
Prof. Dr Idit Matot Tel Aviv Medical Centre
Department of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine & Pain, 6 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv, 64239, Israel
Prof. Dr Jens Meier, MD
(Chief Investigator)
University Hospital T├╝bingen
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Hoppe-Seyler-Stra├če 3, DE 72076 T├╝bingen, Germany



The ETPOS study is entirely sponsored by a grant of the European Society of Anaesthesiology Clinical Trial Network (ESAIC CTN).

Contact email for more info => research@esaic.org