Case Report Form

MET-REPAIR Case Report Form v1.0 dated 07 Feb 2017 is available

Additional Case Report Form for Frailty substudy v1.0


eCRF is available at

  • MET-REPAIR Study Data is collected first on paper CRF: “Recruiting centres” should use the paper format of CRF and save hard copy
  • Afterwards, data is transcribed from paper CRF to electronic CRF by local staff within 2 months maximum after end of patient follow up
  • Electronic CRF is built by ESAIC using OpenClinica software
  • Password are sent/reset from ESAIC Secretariat (Password confidentiality: 1 user = 1 password)!
  • Up to 3 users per hospital (1 Investigator + 2 Data entry profiles)


For more information on how to fill the CRF, please refer to the CRF Instructions: METREPAIR Appendix 5D CRF Instructions v11 14SEP2017

For more more information on how to use the electronic CRF, please refer to METREPAIR eCRF GUIDANCEv10 dated 13Feb2019

For support to eCRF users, please email