The ENCORE Study is proud to announce its endorsement by:

Finland; The Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists
Austria; Austrian Society for anaesthesiology and intensive care
Moldova; Society of Anaesthesia and Reanimatology of the Republic of Moldova
Sweden; SFAI Swedish Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Portugal; the Portuguese Society of Anesthesiology


France; SFAR French society of anesthesia critical care and perioperative medicine
Germany; DGAI

German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care


Greece; Hellenic Society of Anaesthesiology


Russia; Russian Federation of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists (FAR)



Association of Anesthesiologists and Intensivists of Serbia


Turkey; The Turkish Society of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation
Malta; Association of Anaesthesiologists of Malta
South African Society of Anaesthesiologists


ENCORE Study is proud to announce its support by :

ASA American Society of Anaesthesiologists ASA – American Society of Anaesthesiologists

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