• eCRF: Study eCRF is available
    • NECTARINE Study Data is collected first on paper CRF: “Recruiting centres” should use the paper format of CRF and save hard copy
    • Afterwards, data is transcribed from paper CRF to electronic CRF by local staff within 2 months maximum after end of patient follow up
    • Electronic CRF is built by ESAIC using OpenClinica software
    • Password are sent/reset from ESAIC Secretariat (Password confidentiality: 1 user = 1 password)!
    • Up to 3 users per hospital (1 Investigator + 2 Data entry profiles)
  • Demo eCRF: Study demo is available
    • This test-site is completely similar to the real instance.
    • There are 2 different test-users with log-in information available in the eCRF Guidance
  • eCRF support: For any questions on eCRF access, problem regarding password or for any technical issue, please contact your ESAIC OpenClinica Administrator for help at openclinicasupport@esaic.org mentioning your user name and your NECTARINE Centre number.

eCRF Guidance

Download it here