The ESAIC Mentorship Programme and EJA Workshops

An insight into submitting, analysing and reviewing manuscripts

A series of two workshops in collaboration with the Editors of EJA.

These workshops are for researchers who want to increase their understanding of the methodology of research and journal-related topics. The sessions will include the key aspects of the review and evaluation of submitted manuscripts, including insights from a journal editor.

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ESAIC Research project Endorsement or Survey

Would you like to have your Project endorsed by the ESAIC? Do you need ESAIC’s support to help create and/or disseminate surveys?

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Mentorship Programme

Driving doctors to the next level of Anaesthesiology

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Research Groups

Research Groups develop standards, definitions, methodologies and/or guidelines or investigate specific Research topics with the mission to help groups of individual ESAIC members perform research in the field of Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, and Pain.

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Research News

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PROBESE trial: Open up your PEEP mindset

Dr R Mellado Artigas MD, EDAIC, EDIC.
Dr M Giménez-Milà MD, EDAIC, EDIC

Protective ventilation is a cornerstone in the management of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in the ICU. In the last decade, we have seen physiological evidence showing that protective ventilation also confers benefit to patients in the operating room (OR)(1–4). Importantly, a trial carried out by Futier et al. showed that when protective ventilation was compared to n…

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