The ESAIC Research Committee is launching a Mentorship Programme.

This exciting new Programme will promote the professional development of researchers through one-to-one mentoring by experienced investigators. It will enable the development of a personal relationship and provide individual support for the mentee in their chosen field of research.

The aims of the Programme are: 

  • To develop a learning relationship between the mentor and the mentee;
  • To preserve and transfer accumulated professional knowledge within the anaesthesia community;
  • To support individual young academic anaesthetists in achieving their potential as researchers;
  • To contribute to the ESAIC mission to connect anaesthesiologists in the field of research in Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Pain with senior experts (mentors) as a platform for professional exchange and mutual learning.

Experienced Investigators covering a wide range of anaesthesiology topics have been selected to be mentors and will be matched with mentees by their field of interest. Mentors and mentees will be encouraged to meet regularly and agree on an aim for the mentorship as well as the logistics (how often, where and when to meet). The mentorship can last up to 2 years and the mentor and mentee will be asked to provide feedback to the ESAIC.

To learn more on guidelines and eligibility criteria, please read the following document here

How to apply

For Mentors : 

Please complete the following application form.
Please send your CV to mentorship@esaic.org

For Mentees :

Applications are now Closed

Call for Mentee applications is now closed! 

Please contact the Mentorship Team if you would like further information: mentorship@esaic.org