Protocols for safety aspects

The Helsinki Declaration requires that every department of anaesthesiology in Europe MUST have the following protocols available:

  • Preoperative assessment and preparation
  • Checking equipment and drugs
  • Syringe labelling
  • Difficult /failed intubation
  • Malignant hyperpyrexia
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Local anaesthetic toxicity
  • Massive haemorrhage
  • Infection-control
  • Post operative care including pain relief


The EBA/ESA Task Force on Patient Safety therefore has contacted the ESAIC council members as well as the EBA members and has received informations about national ressources that can be found under the following links.

NOTE: neither ESAIC nor EBA takes responsability for the content of these documents cited. If you have further informations about useful links to ressources on the internet on protocols of the above mentioned aspects, please send this information to the chairman of the EBA/ESA Task Force on Patient Safety.

National Protocols