The ESAIC Board, the ESAIC Patient Safety and Quality Committee and its Industry Partners are pleased to announce the start of a new Patient Safety education project: Safer Care to Save Lives.

This new project will be developed over the next 2 years to create a comprehensive package of Patient Safety education for anaesthesiologists, healthcare professionals, hospital management and patients. This package will include the following content:

The Patient Safety Training Programme is a complete training path aimed at providing key knowledge on patient safety in acute settings: intensive care, anaesthesiology and perioperative care and emergency settings. It is built on the overarching principles of the Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology, the Consensus Statement of the recent multi Society Patient safety Summit at the European Parliament, and the WHO Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum. It follows a stepwise, blended educational approach, including both online on-demand and LIVE (either online or face-to-face) education. 


To improve patient safety culture in acute settings (intensive, perioperative and emergency care) in Europe


Every acute setting health care provider in Europe will receive and be certified in ESAIC patient safety training as part of their continuing education program. Every patient and relative will have available an education program to be able to participate in their own safety.


  • To offer a sustainable, affordable, multilingual Europe-wide patient safety and quality educational program for anaesthesia and intensive care health care providers and other stakeholders.
  • To create and maintain structures for safety education.
  • To develop a stepwise patient safety health provider accreditation programme.
  • To build a network for safety education.

Patient Safety promotion, core for ESAIC


The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) is the leading European organisation for members and national societies for Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain and Perioperative Medicine in Europe. Its vision is to promote the professional role of anaesthesiologists, to improve perioperative patient outcomes by focusing on the quality of care and patient safety strategy through the implementation of the Helsinki Declaration for Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology (HD), the promotion of high-quality training and education, endorsed by a robust system of examination and certification.

Preventable patient harm is an important challenge in anaesthesiology and perioperative care. As a response, the HD has been launched in 2010 by EBA and ESAIC. Widely recognised as a practical framework for improving patient safety, the HD has been signed by all European National Anaesthesiologists Societies (NAS) and many international societies.

To date, ESAIC provided online content in the form of a Starter Kit and high-quality patient safety education through small scale courses performed on yearly basis in the English language, initially linked to Euroanaesthesia as the former European Patient Safety Course, and more recently, through the Patient Safety and Quality Masterclass.

In the meantime, ESAIC launched the HD Follow Up project to evaluate the adoption of the HD in Europe, to identify variations and barriers in the implementation process, and to develop instruments for better implementation by the use of multi-method approaches. The project was directed and coordinated by the ESAIC PSQC, supervised by the ESAIC Board, and advanced by a multidisciplinary project team.

A number of recommendations for education, research, policy and practice are made at the end of the report, but key possible measures include:

  • Create and maintain structures for safety education both in training curricula and for established specialist anaesthesiologists.
  • Promote a ‘no blame’ culture to encourage the reporting and open discussion of threats to patient safety.
  • Greater involvement of patients in the promotion of safe practice.
  • Establish and maintain regional networks within Europe to share practices and solutions appropriate to available resources.

To fill these gaps, the ESAIC aims to design this tiered education training programme, Safer Care to Save Lives, aimed to be available and affordable for all anesthesiologists, intensivists, linked health care professionals and patients in Europe.

The Safer Care to Safe Lives program will help implement a modern patient safety culture throughout the continent and beyond.

This programme recognised the importance of including all stakeholders in the journey to find solutions to creating safer patient care.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners have a vital role to play in this journey. They can contribute to the solutions and work with healthcare professionals. They will be involved in expert discussions, and support education. We are happy to announce the partnership with the following companies:

Medtronic’s mission – Alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life – is fully focused on delivering the best possible care to Patients. We believe that healthcare sustainability passes through putting patients’ outcomes and safety at the centre of everything we do. For us, Patient Safety In Our Hands is not just a tagline but a way of thinking and acting every day. Partnering with ESAIC for improving patient safety education and supporting the Safer Care to Save Lives program is one more contribution and step for this great journey. We truly believe that this program can have a very positive impact on the lives of thousands of patients, and we are proud to be part of it.


Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader of patient-focused innovations for structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. We are driven by a passion for patients, dedicated to improving and enhancing lives through partnerships with clinicians and stakeholders across the global healthcare landscape. Patient safety is at the core of all we do, and the company has been advancing the care of the acutely ill for more than 40 years. Today, Edwards continues to focus on helping clinicians enhance knowledge and standardize practice to improve the quality and efficiency of care.


Mindray commits to keeping providing innovative medical technologies to support clinicians in enhancing patient safety and clinical efficiency. ESAIC is an influential organization dedicated to promoting the professional role of anesthesiologists, improving perioperative patient outcomes. As a long-term partner, Mindray shares the same goals and is pleased to be a part of the Patient Safety Training Program. Together, we deliver all-around patient safety, better and further.



Getinge is proud to partner with ESAIC for their patient safety project. Working to ensure the best possible patient safety is at the heart of everything we do at Getinge. Excellent product quality is a prerequisite for all our products and activities. We are honoured to be able to partner with ESAIC to raise awareness about the importance of making health care safe for patients and to help caregivers and clinicians do their job – saving lives.


Philips Healthcare – Patient Safety is a huge challenge for health systems. Digitization, connectivity and the increasing integration of health systems offer an opportunity to fundamentally change healthcare. This has enormously positive implications for patient safety across the health continuum.