Patient Safety Expert Network

Be part of a network of contacts to facilitate the exchange between patient safety experts!

The list below contains contact details of patient safety experts from various clinical and non-clinical settings, countries, and continents, who share an interest in patient safety in anaesthesiology and perioperative medicine. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this area, these experts come from a multitude of organisations and institutions, and it is not always easy to find contacts needed for networking and cooperation related to patient safety activities in clinical, educational, scientific, professional, political and other areas.

The PSQC is a hub of patient safety networking and would like to help with this.  This list is intended for helping visitors of the website and ESAIC representatives to search for individual experts, their specific areas of interest, and their contact details. The website is based on ideas that have been developed during a Patient Safety Expert Meeting held during Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London. A summary of the main results of this meeting is available here.

We invite all patient safety experts that meet the outlined profiles and interests and that are willing to share their contact details to apply to the PSQC for inclusion into this list. The PSQC will review the information provided and decide upon inclusion. By applying for inclusion, applicants accept their responsibility for the provided information and agree with the publication of this information on the Patient Safety section of the ESAIC website. Application form

List of Patient Safety Experts