0IntroductionBenedikt Preckel, Daniel Arnal
1Implementation of the Helsinki Declaration on patient safety in anaesthesiology: past activities, current European perspectives and future opportunitiesRobert Ffrench-O’Carroll, Andrew F. Smith
2How to define and adequately measure peri-operative patient safetyGuy Haller
3Speaking up as a vital part of a safety cultureGuttorm Brattebø, David K. Whitaker
4Learning from Excellence and Safety-II: reframing patient safetyAdrian Plunkett
5Safety from the patient’s perspectiveJannicke Mellin-Olsen
6Teaching patient safety the project consisted of an online survey of ESA members to determine what aspects of professional practiceJohannes Wacker, Sven Staender
7Multidisciplinary simulation for patient safety training: putting human factors theory into action Christopher Neuhaus
8Care transitions, handovers and continuity of peri-operative medical care: recent developments and how to train residents and staffDoris Østergaard
9Incident reporting in complexitySven Staender
10Supporting healthcare individuals and teams after an adverse event: the care for the second victimSven Staender
11The role of checklists in peri-operative careArvid S. Haugen
12Emergency manuals as cognitive aids: from simulations to clinical implementations and usesSara N. Goldhaber-Fiebert
13Anaesthetic monitoring recommendations during general anaesthesia: how consistent are they across the globe?Jan F.A. Hendrickx, Jeffrey M. Feldman, Hans U. Schuler
14Avoiding failure-to-rescue: rapid response systemsChristian P. Subbe, John Welch
15Diagnosing the deteriorating patient: remote monitoring on the ward and beyondBenedikt Preckel, Cor J. Kalkman
16Standardisation of the ‘Cardiac Arrest Call’ telephone number 2222David K. Whitaker
17Safe medication administration in anaesthesia practice: new developmentsDavid K. Whitaker
18Safe sedation: where are we today?Thomas Fuchs-Buder, Michel M.R.F. Struys
19Patient blood management: an update of its effects on patient safety Patrick Meybohm, Kai Zacharowski
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