Together with healthcare leaders and practitioners, the ESAIC is dedicated to leading the way in patient safety and ensuring the best care for every patient.


The ESAIC has a core vision for its contribution towards Patient Safety: Healthcare that is free from preventable patient harm.

The WHO states that as many as  1 in 4 patients are harmed whilst receiving primary care. This demonstrates that the movement towards this core vision is more important than ever.

The work of the ESAIC Patient Safety and Quality Committee is to strive to accomplish this vision as a dynamic international leader in Patient Safety and Quality for anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine and pain medicine.

On this page you will find links to the many activities and projects managed by this highly active and motivated committee.

Through fostering research in projects like the Helsinki Declaration Follow Up project, disseminating the latest knowledge and Patient Safety strategies through its Masterclasses and workshops, advocacy through leading the European Patient Safety Summit in 2020 and collaborating and networking with other societies, the Patient Safety and Quality Committee fulfils the ESAIC’s goal to improve perioperative patient outcomes in Europe and across the world.


ESAIC Advanced Patient Safety Course (APSC)

The ESAIC Advanced Patient Safety Course is a live course to teach vital patient safety strategies for acute settings. The APSC forms a key part of the Safer Care to Save Lives Programme, an ESAIC Patient Safety Education programme. Healthcare professionals attending 100% of the ASPC and who pass the course assessment will hold the ESAIC Advanced Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Patient Safety Certificate.  

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The Patient Safety and Quality Masterclass is an advanced scientific workshop dedicated to learning principles and practice of patient safety, clinical risk management and quality of care.

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The ESAIC Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Crisis Simulation Masterclass: Helsinki Declaration through High Fidelity Simulation is a live online programme divided over 2 days with interactive elements, including five simulation cases. These will include Intensive Care and Theatre settings.

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International Forum on Perioperative Safety & Quality (ISQ)

The International Forum on Perioperative Safety & Quality (ISQ) supports and energizes the movement for health care improvement while bringing together leaders and practitioners committed to improving outcomes for patients and communities.

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Safer Care to Save Lives

This new project will be developed over the next 2 years to create a comprehensive package of Patient Safety education for anaesthesiologists, healthcare professionals, hospital management and patients. This package will include the following content:

  • The Essential Patient Safety Course, a series of eLearning modules for the beginner
  • The Advanced Patient Safety Course, a certified course for those more advanced in their understanding
  • The Patient Safety Masterclass, a deeper, faculty-lead experience covering 3 days
  • Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Crisis Simulation Masterclass: Helsinki Declaration through High Fidelity Simulation

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We will create networks of anaesthesiologists and critical care physicians and give them the tools and support they need to examine their own practice and those of their peers and provide intelligence to design solutions for the future.

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The Patient Safety Summit

The ultimate goal of the Summit is to seek endorsement from European policymakers on the need for a common patient safety approach to perioperative care, culminating with the formal endorsement of a consensus statement.

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HD 10 year anniversary

The Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology emphasises the role of anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in promoting safe perioperative care for everyone.

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