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  • Access to the EJA
  • Access ESAIC e-Learning modules, webinars, congress recordings
  • Full Access to Euroanaesthesia Virtual on-demand sessions, e-posters and industry symposia recordings
  • Discounted rates for Euroanaesthesia, the Focus Meeting, the Basic and Clinical Sciences Anaesthetic Course and the Viva Course
  • Connect with over 30.000 anaesthesiologists worldwide
  • Earn more CME credits through member-only ESAIC activities
  • Influence ESAIC policies and participate in leadership roles
  • Apply for ESAIC Grants and Fellowships
  • Stay up to date on ESAIC clinical guidelines
  • Participate in the Mentorship programme
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With over 30.000 members, ESAIC offers a unique opportunity to network with your peers, connect with the international anaesthesiology community, and get access to a wide range of resources on anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain, and perioperative medicine.

Regardless of your focus, where you work, or where you live – there is always room for more. More science, more networking, more knowledge.

As a Member of the ESAIC, you have access to many resources, educational tools, research support, and networking opportunities so you can advance your knowledge and grow your practice.

Grow your network, expand your horizons, advance your career, innovate anaesthesiology, together.
Be a member of the ESAIC and be more.

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  • Membership Benefits
    BenefitsFull Members  Associate Members   Non-members
    Active MembersEU Trainee MembersIndividual Society MembersAffiliate MembersAllied Members
    (medical student, NPRHP, retired)
    Live webinars
    eLearning modules, webinar replays & congress webcasts
    Congress webcasts supported by Industry
    Participate in Mentorship Programme
    Participate in Teach the Teacher Course
    Only for NASC
    Participation in all Masterclasses with CME accreditation
    Participate in Trainee Exchange Programme
    Participate in the Basic and Clinical Sciences Anaesthetic Course (BCSAC) and the Viva Course (VIVAC)
    Reduced fee for the Basic and Clinical Sciences Anaesthetic Course (BCSAC) and the Viva Course (VIVAC)
    Participation as ESAIC visitor in Accreditation of Training in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ATAIC)
    Apply for the Young Teaching Recognition Award (YTRA)
    Participate as EDAIC examiner or host
    Participate in CTN  studies as local investigator
    Become a CTN Chief investigator
    Apply for CTN Grants
    Apply for ESAIC Research Grants
    Propose guidelines development
    Apply for Trainee Young investigator startup grants
    Submit scientific session proposals for Euroanaesthesia
    EJA electronically
    Current Opinion in Critical Care electronically
    Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology electronically
    EJA Archive
    ESAIC Congress Euroanaesthesia and Focus Meeting
    Discount Congress registration fees
    Discounted fees for pre-congress courses at Euroanaesthesia
    Discounted fees for workshops courses at Euroanaesthesia
    Apply for related Industry fellowship
    Influence ESAIC policies and participate in leadership roles
    Attend General Assembly
    Voting rights General Assembly
    European Trainees
    Voting rights Council Member elections
    Voting rights Council Trainee Member elections
    Leadership & participation possibilities in ESAIC Committees, Task forces, NASC, Council, Board
    Become a member of ESAIC Trainee Network / Trainees Committee
    Other Benefits
    Access ESAIC Members directory
    Access to Guidelines
  • Membership Type

    With an ESAIC Membership, you will have access to all our benefits in the field of Education, Leadership, ESAIC Events and much more.

    Different rates apply to different types of membership – please check which category you fall under before submitting your membership application.

    You can learn about the different membership types below.

    Active Member- A physician who has completed an accredited anaesthesia training programme, who is certified in anaesthesiology, who is licensed to practice medicine, and who resides in a European country (as defined by the World Health Organisation).

    - The reduced fee for Active Member is only applicable for a physician who has completed an accredited anaesthesia training programme, who is certified in Anaesthesiology, who is licensed to practise medicine, and who resides in a reduced fee country.
    Affiliate Member- A certified physician not working in the clinical practice of anaesthesiology.

    - A scientist who, while not engaged in administering clinical anaesthesia, is nevertheless interested in anaesthesiology.

    - A certified anaesthesiologist, or a certified physician, or a scientist, who resides outside a European country (as defined by the World Health Organisation).
    Trainee Member- A physician in training, employed in an anaesthesiology department and whose training programme is accredited by a national governmental body or by the National Board of Anaesthesiology. Trainee membership is limited to a maximum of six years.

    - Applicants for trainee membership must attach a letter endorsed by the Director of the training programme stating the programme termination date, otherwise, the rate for affiliate member will be applied – download the Trainee Letter Template
    Allied MemberMedical students, Non-Physician Registered Health Professionals (NPRHP) and Retired Doctors are regrouped under the category “ Allied Member “.

    - Medical Student: Any Medical Student not yet registered as a physician with the licensing authorities in the country they are in training.

    - Non Physician Registered Health Professional (NPRHP): Any registered non-physician health professional accredited by a European national government body working in anaesthesiology-related areas. This can include nurses, bio technicians, therapists, laboratory technicians and audiologists.

    - Retired Doctor: An individual who would have qualified as an Active and/or Affiliate Member, but who has retired from employment or self-employment for reasons of age, ill-health or disability.
    Individual Society MemberAre you a member of a National or Specialist Society?
    You can become an ESAIC Individual Society member through your National or Specialist Society free of charge.

    All declared individual members of an ESAIC National or Specialist Society member can become an ESAIC Individual Society member at no additional cost other than their Society Membership Fee.

    If you would like to become an ESAIC Individual Society member, you must check with your Society on how you can take advantage of this benefit.

    ESAIC Individual Society membership runs from 1 January – 31 December for a two-year period.
  • Membership Fees
    ESAIC Individual Membership Categories 1 Year (excl.VAT)2 Year (excl. VAT)
    Active Member€ 150€ 270
    Active Member from a Reduced Fee Country* € 90€ 162
    Affiliate Member€ 150€ 270
    Trainee Member€ 70€ 126
    Allied members (medical student, NPRHP, retired)€ 70€ 126

    *Reduced Fee Country list – as defined by the WHO

    Note: Membership always begins on 01 January and ends on 31 December, irrespective of when the membership is purchased during the year.

    The electronic version of the EJA is included with Full Membership and Associate Membership.

    The print version of the EJA is not included in the membership and must be opted-in through your myESAIC account.
    The print version costs €75 for one year (or €150 for two years).

  • Reduced Country Fee List
    Countries Entitled to Reduced ESAIC Membership Fees as defined by the World Bank
    ArmeniaNorth Macedonia
    AzerbaijanRepublic of Moldova
    BelarusRussian Federation
    Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbia

    Reduced Fee Countries

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