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The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) is the largest professional community of anaesthesiologists in Europe. Our network of anaesthesiologists, hospitals, national societies, and partnering institutions – across Europe – make us the best academic clinical research organization (A-CRO) and resource for partners looking to bridge the gap within their studies and cross international borders in order to obtain the most optimal results.

Our mission is to innovate the field of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Perioperative Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pain Medicine, provide support opportunities, and make significant and critical connections within our vast network by leveraging our expertise and systematic, unbiased and comprehensive infrastructure.

As academic leaders in our field, we share your goal to find the best path to saving lives. With a worldwide network of over 800 European hospitals and research partners around the world – which has produced and published highly acclaimed studies – we can deliver accurate clinical trial results efficiently and on time.


The ESAIC A-CRO is dedicated to:

  1. Support  studies  related  mainly  to  Anaesthesia,  Intensive Care Medicine, Perioperative Medicine, Emergency  Medicine  or  Pain  Medicine, as well as other specialities (nutrition, respiratory  diseases,  transfusion,  thrombosis,  cardiology,  etc.) as relating  to anaesthesiology. The scope of these studies is broad and includes interventional as well as observational studies.
  2. Implement Risk Mitigation Measures
  3. Foster collaborations between  ESAIC  members of various countries as well as with other organisations to improve patient outcome
  4. Enforce quality and Good Clinical Practice in the study coordination support and data management

Our commitment to excellence

  • Experience
    ESAIC has extensive expertise in Clinical studies & Research
  • Professional Network
    ESAIC has a broad professional network of clinicians and scientists readily available to provide their input and to share their professional experience.
  • Easy to work with
    As a full-service mid-sized A-CRO, ESAIC is big enough to support large global studies like our competitors and small enough to provide the flexibility and individual attention desired by clients.
  • Non-commercial
    • Reinvested in education
    • Approved by authorities
    • Managed by a transparent, legal, ethical, scientific and quality-focused organisation
  • Executive oversight
    Our CEO and the Chairs of both the Research Committee & Scientific Committee are always available to our clients providing a unique level of oversight and attention not commonly found in the industry.

Together with ESAIC

Our vision is to be a trusted collaborator with our doctors and partners by providing smart and innovative solutions so that clinical trials are conducted cost-effectively with the highest quality and speed. We accomplish this through collaborative and synergistic partnerships that are based on the fundamentals of patient safety and care, integrity, and transparency.

Study execution and conduct

ESAIC A-CRO will ensure successful clinical study execution, by working in close collaboration with the Industry Partners. Our network of ESAIC anaesthesiologists and intensivists has foundational knowledge and potential that provide support throughout the entire execution of the study. The availability of the network and their participation will guide you as a potential new industry partner through the different phases of a Clinical Study. Click below for a more detailed explanation of the services that ESAIC A-CRO can provide.

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