Overview and eligibility criteria

To assist the Guideline Committee and its various Task Forces, ESAIC decided to create a designated Methodologist group. This team operates independently from Guideline Committee but refers to the Guidelines Committee Chair (who is at an all-time member of the Methodology group). The aim is to create a group of professional methodologists, with different backgrounds, to suit every Guideline Task Force in case it needs it.


Application and criteria of selection

To be selected, the applicant should necessarily:

  • Complete the online application form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G6Q2VRG
  • Provide a copy of their CV and publication list
  • A completed COI Form. Failure to declare a significant COI may lead to removal from a Methodology Group upon the decision of the Guidelines Committee.

Applications which don’t fit these criteria will not be considered. All the applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts including but not limited to ESAIC Guidelines Committee Chair, ESAIC Guidelines Committee Past Chair and ESAIC Methodology Group members.


Role of Methodologist within Guidelines Committee and Methodology Group

The methodology Group is composed of up to 5 members, including the Guidelines Committee Chair. Methodologist’s role is to ensure the methodological standard and assist with any issue of pertinence. He/she will provide his/her skills to help the ESAIC Guideline Committee and the ESAIC Guidelines Task Forces to safeguard the Guidelines quality. Methodologist must have extended knowledge about guidelines, grading and evidence-based medicine.


How will a Methodologist be appointed to a specific Task Force?

Each Taskforce must have an appointed/approved methodologist. Upon selection of Guidelines proposal, Task Force Chair is required to provide a list of Taskforce members, including a methodologist, to be approved by the ESAIC Guidelines Committee Chair. If the Task Force Chair finds a suitable methodologist, then this Task Force will not need the help of the Methodology Group.

If Task Force Chair cannot find a suitable methodologist, ESAIC shall provide one by selecting within the Methodology Group the most appropriate candidate for the guideline. The selection will be executed according to their CV and Application form: the methodologists must provide their CV and the Application Form.

This will help ESAIC Guidelines Committee to understand the needs of the methodologists, their expertise, and interests. If possible, academic conflict of interest should be avoided by the methodologist.


Terms of office

Each Methodology Group member shall begin with 3 years of terms of office. After this period, he/she will be evaluated for renewal and continuation of his/her terms of office for an extra year. This should be officially requested by the Methodology Group member. Thereafter, support renewal will be requested and re-evaluated on a yearly basis, unless counterindication from the Guidelines Committee Chair or bad review from the Task Force.



The role of the Guidelines Methodology Group is to ensure Methodology quality. That is the reason why ESAIC Guidelines Committee will not tolerate the lack of commitment from its members, as it could jeopardize the Task Force and the Guidelines.  A Motivational Letter will be asked to each methodologist who is interested in working with a Task Force, in measuring his/her commitment.