Become a Fellow of the ESAIC

Becoming a Fellow of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (FESAIC™) is a prestigious honour awarded to healthcare professionals who have made a significant contribution to anaesthesiology and intensive care.

To be a FESAIC indicates and proves an exceptional level of service to the Society and patients – from congress and research to education and advocacy – that distinguish FESAIC from their peers. The FESAIC title is recognised throughout the anaesthesiology and intensive care community as a symbol of excellence.

Being a FESAIC is not only a recognition of your contribution to anaesthesiology, it also means that you belong to a dedicated group of professionals that demonstrate integrity and excellence in the care of your patients.

How can you apply to be a Fellow?

See the two criteria within the pathways and fill out the application below

Pathway 1

Minimum 5-year Active Membership*
*As of the date of application

Application Requirements

  1. Endorsement by 2 Active Members
  2. CV and bibliography
  3. 6 qualification criteria (minimum 1 qualifier from each category)
  4. One-time 350€ (Excluding 21% VAT)

Pathway 2

Minimum 2-year EDAIC Holder* and 2-year Active Membership*
*As of the date of application

Application Requirements

  1. Endorsement by 2 Active Members
  2. CV and bibliography
  3. 3 qualification criteria (minimum 1 qualifier from each category)
  4. One-time 350€ (Excluding 21% VAT)

* Honorary Members are also eligible upon board nomination

Qualification Criteria

  • Professionalism/Leadership
    • Current or past leadership position or participation in an ESAIC committee, task force, or other ESAIC entity
    • Local or community leadership position or activities
    • Hospital or practice leadership position
    • Held a leadership position with a subspecialty or any medical society
    • Demonstrated medical volunteerism
  • Patient Safety and Quality
    • Attended an ESAIC Patient Safety Masterclass
    • Active participation in ESAIC Patient Safety and Quality Committee (PSQC)
    • Active participation in ESAIC Patient Safety Policy Summit or ISQ
    • Other proof of involvement in Patient Safety
  • Education/Scholarly Activities
    • Current or past involvement in teaching or mentoring activities
    • Research in anaesthesiology and/or intensive care
    • Publication in a peer-reviewed journal or journals
    • EDAIC examiner or exam program development
    • Education program or material development
    • Faculty position at Euroanaesthesia or other educational programs, webinars, or annual meetings
    • Editor position for publications
    • Subspecialty or other medical board certification

Important Dates

Applications for 2022 are closed. Applications for FESAIC 2023 will be open later this year. Stay tuned to our website.


  • What fees are associated with becoming a FESAIC?

    This is a one-time payment of 350€ which is non-refundable regardless of whether the application is approved or not. No other payment is needed for the application.

    Please note, your annual ESAIC membership needs to be fully paid and active to retain your fellowship status.

  • How long is the title valid?

    The title will be active as long as the ESAIC membership is fully paid and active.

    * Does not apply to Honorary Members

  • How does the nomination procedure look like?
    1. First, you submit the application and pay the fee.
    2. FESAIC committee reviews your application and supporting documents.
    3. Once these are reviewed, you will receive a notification whether your application is approved or not approved.
    4. Certificates will formally be handed out at the Euroanaesthesia award ceremony. If you cannot attend, your certificate will be mailed to you.
  • What if I apply after 15 April?

    If your application or payment is submitted after the closing date of 15 April then you will be considered for the following year. No need to resubmit – your application will be automatically transferred to the review committee during the review period of 1 January – 15 April.

  • Does a fellow still have to pay membership fees?

    Yes, unless they are an Honorary Member.

  • How long do I need to participate in an ESAIC leadership position to qualify?

    Minimum 1 year as an active member in an ESAIC Committee, task force, or any other entity is required.