ESAIC Research Grants

ESAIC Project Grants, Research support Grants, Young Investigator start-up Grant and Coordination Grants 2021:

The submission process for short-abstract Grant application and schedule:

The grant application can only be submitted online via the ESAIC submission website. Abstracts submitted by mail or e-mail will not be accepted. All submitted grant application will go through a peer-review process carried out by international reviewers from the ESAIC Research Committee. Out of all applications, +/- 35/40 applications will be invited to submit a full proposal:

  • 1 Coordination grant (up to 5€K): 5 applications
    • 2 Research support grant (up to 15€K): 10 applications
    • 2 Young investigator Start-up grants (up to 22.5€K): 10 applications
    • 2 Project grants (up to 60€K): 10 applications