OLA/HOLA Registrations

OLA 2024 registrations will be open at the beginning of 2024. More information to be published soon. 

The On-Line Assessment (OLA) is a computer-based online test very similar to the In-Training Assessment (ITA) and the EDAIC Part I Examination. 

All questions of the OLA have been created to match precisely the domains set by the UEMS in their syllabus for the Anaesthetic and Intensive Care training, meaning that the OLA is the ideal tool to assess the anaesthetic and intensive care training as defined by the UEMS. The OLA is held in April on a yearly basis and is, therefore, a perfect test for all candidates wishing to assess their knowledge and those planning to take the EDAIC Part I examination in autumn.

The Home On-Line Assessment (HOLA) is the home version of the OLA which offers flexibility in terms of planning and location to the registered candidates. In 2021, the first HOLA pilot was run successfully with more than 1000 candidates. The HOLA will not be restricted to any number of participants.

The OLA and HOLA are offered in 11 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese.