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Brain death: from diagnosis to organ donation


Brain death: from diagnosis to organ donation
Organ donation can be a transformative event for those who receive a transplant. Anaesthetists and Intensive Care doctors are at the forefront of facilitating and managing potential donors. Though well-established protocols and pathways exist, ethical issues and complex physiology can hamper success and make donation difficult. This webinar is aimed at improving understanding of diagnosis of brain death and optimal donor management to ensure success in organ donation.

Webinar Scientific Faculty

Dr Giuseppe Feltrin (IT)
Regional Centre for Transplant Coordination of the Veneto Region, Padua, Italy


Diagnosis of brain death
Dr Paul McConnel (UK)
Department of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, United Kingdom

Organ optimisation
Dr Radha Sundaram (UK)
Department of Anaesthesiology, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, United Kingdom