ESAIC signs the Berlin Declaration on Sepsis

The ESAIC has joined the global movement to fight sepsis, a life-threatening condition affecting millions yearly.

On 12 September 2023, we at the ESAIC, signed the 2030 World Sepsis Declaration, a document adopted by delegates and supporter organisations of the World Sepsis Day event 2023 in Berlin.

The Berlin Declaration on Sepsis is an urgent call for the enforcement of the World Health Assembly Resolution 70.7 and reinvigorated global action on sepsis. It outlines the main challenges and priorities for sepsis prevention, diagnosis, and management, and calls for increased awareness, education, research, and funding to tackle this major health issue.

By signing the declaration, we show our commitment to improving sepsis care in anaesthesia and intensive care and supporting the goals of the Global Sepsis Alliance and the World Health Organization.

We recognise the importance of sepsis in our field, as it is a common complication of surgery and critical illness and a leading cause of death and disability in intensive care units. We also acknowledge the role of anaesthesiologists and intensivists in preventing, detecting, and treating sepsis in various clinical settings.

The ESAIC invites its members and partners to join the fight against sepsis by raising awareness, sharing best practices, and participating in research and educational initiatives. We also encourage our members and partners to sign the World Sepsis Declaration and to support the World Sepsis Day campaign.

Together, we can save lives and improve outcomes for sepsis survivors.

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