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Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting our community to complete the most recent survey endorsed by the ESAIC. The aim of this survey is to investigate the relationship between severity and visceral fat in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. Following the ESAIC’s institutional goal of raising the standards of the speciality by fostering and encouraging education, research, scientific progress and exchange of information. The information we receive from our members through this survey helps enormously our Advisory Groups and will be used to explore the link between mortality/morbidity and obesity in COVID-19. Therefore, we kindly ask you to answer a few questions regarding the Patients admitted on the ICU with a proven COVID-19 infection, both obese and non-obese patients.

The survey has 18 questions divided into 4 sections, and it should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you do not have all data at your disposition, the survey will allow you to come back and fill out any missing data once more patient details and percentages are available from your centre. While filling out this survey, you will notice that BMI alone is not enough to assess the risk of obesity during this COVID-19 pandemic. In order to get a better understanding, we would like to stimulate you to start recording more parameters that are linked to visceral fat and metabolic syndrome such as waist circumference, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, fasting glucose, OSAS-OHS, etc… In the near future, we are planning to set up a retrospective observational study to relate metabolic syndrome or visceral fat to ICU morbidity and mortality mainly based on the questions and answers coming from this survey. We are cordially inviting you to participate later on to the retrospective study we are aiming to develop after this survey.

On behalf of Prof. Dr Luc De Baerdemaeker (University Hospital Ghent and President of ESPCOP) and MD. PhD. Jan P Mulier (department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive care and Reanimation AZ Sint-Jan) we thank you in advance for your time and effort to fill out this survey and help us work towards a safer future for our patients.

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