Prof Wolfgang Buhre, Mentorship Programme Leader

Prof Wolfgang B
Prof Wolfgang Buhre







Job Description

The Research Mentorship Programme Leader is a Professional Anaesthetist who supervises the Research Mentorship Programme of the ESAIC. Research Mentorship Leader works in close relationship with the ESAIC Research Committee and the Research Department Staff.

Research Mentorship Leader reviews Guidance & training material for Mentor-Mentees and keeps records of mentor programme progress and reports this progress to the Research Committee.


Job Duties

One of the key duties for Research Mentorship Leader is identifying individuals who would make good mentors. Coordinators interview mentor candidates to find those who possess traits such as knowledge of an organization and the ability to instruct others. They then pair each mentor with a mentee and provide mentors with guidance to teach mentees. Moreover, monitoring and evaluation of the program forms the main task of the program coordinator.

The Research Mentorship Leader usually monitors these relationships through verbal communications, such as face-to-face or phone conversations. Indirect communication may include reviewing progress reports written by mentors. Research Mentorship Leader also evaluate each mentor/mentee pair to determine if any changes must be made, such as reassigning the mentor or mentee.


Ad-hoc member of ESAIC RC

As for all Committee Position at the ESAIC, this job is voluntary, there is no salary. Research Mentorship Leader only attends meetings of the Research Committee to Report on Research Mentorship Programme Progress. He will not be involved in the Grant Review nor in the other Research Committee Activities.


More information? 
Contact mentorship@esaic.org or visit our Mentorship Programme page