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Newsletter 2021

Newsletter January 2021: Board Election Update

Dear ESAIC Member, Due to unavoidable complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council has decided to postpone the election of the ESAIC President-Elect to 2021. In addition, five other Board positions have to be filled in. The Society will therefore organise three election rounds to fill a total of six open Board positions, by order of importance as per our bylaws and start of mandate. 17 March 2021, we will begin the first round in this process to fill the President-elect position...

Newsletter January 2021: Belgian Anesthesia Trainees

The BAT (Belgian Anesthesia Trainees) is an independent organisation set up a few years ago to represent the interests of Belgian anaesthesia trainees in different institutions on different levels. Its primary aim is to unify and improve training on a national level. In this regard, we strive to give each trainee access to simulation training, loco-regional anaesthesia training and certified ALS courses. In order to ensure a well-rounded anaesthesia training, the BAT states that the following m...