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Newsletter September 2020: The ESAIC Mentorship Programme - have the courage to be different!

Alexandru Rogobete

MD, PhD, anaesthesia and intensive care trainee



It all started as a dream; in the beginning somehow vague and blurred but as time went by more and more clear. I entered the ESAIC mentorship programme with a dream, the dream of developing a research network, the dream of learning and experiencing new emotions and that of building new bridges.

In the beginning, I worked with a colleague from Spain and together we tried to walk through the mysteries and across the abyss of clinical research. Step by step, with patience and enthusiasm we managed to create a professional bond that has since stood the test of time, after 2 years after the end of the program. Together and only together we made it through – an impressive number of scientific articles, videoconferences and a new study that we managed to start. In the years to come, we wish to organise and exchange program between both our hospitals and our universities. Through this type of collaboration, we can engage in international research studies and we can also share our clinical experience. An important vector that could aid in achieving this goal is the International Congress for Guidelines and Protocols in Anesthesia and Intensive Care, taking place yearly in Timisoara, as well as the National Congress of the Romanian Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care where my colleague from Spain will share her experience.

The next year I found more courage and applied for the Mentorship position and got selected. Currently, I am working with a colleague from London. In regard to our collaboration this time we wish to address a controversial topic – extracorporeal epuration techniques in different clinical contexts. Another topic that we have discussed and taken into account is starting to write scientific articles on different topics that have a clinical impact. We are trying to succeed together.

For me, the Mentorship program has been and will continue to be an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from abroad, to listen to their stories and share my own, to get to know their dreams and hopes are all honour to me. I strongly believe that this is one of the best programmes organised by ESAIC, as it brings together ideas and visions from across Europe. This programme connects people, medical systems and research ideas leading to the formation of a strong medical network between research centres in Europe. I want to thank each and every one of them for this!


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