Newsletter November 2020: Trainees for Trainees - Euroanaesthesia Trainees’ Scientific Programme

Eva Klabusayová – eva.klabusayova@gmail.com

ESAIC Trainees Committee

Euroanaesthesia Task Force Coordinator

ESAIC Scientific Committee Trainee Representative


In recent years the Euroanaesthesia congress was always the highlight of Trainee Network activities. Every year hundreds of trainees from all across Europe met, not only to gain and deepen their knowledge in our common area of interest of anaesthesiology and intensive care but also to meet together. Annually we shared our personal experiences, made new friends from abroad and enjoyed a good time together in the free time during the conference, and at the annual trainee dinner which became a nice and well-known tradition. ESAIC Trainees Committee prepared for this year’s edition in Barcelona a very interesting scientific programme as well as remarkable social activities for trainees. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic ended, due to safety reasons, the possibility of meeting in person, hopefully temporarily. For that reason, this year Euroanaesthesia will be held virtually.

During the pandemic, the healthcare system has to deal with a load of new challenges, and trainees from across the world are an integral part of this battle. Trainees education has now even more important role than ever. Therefore, it is the utmost priority of the ESAIC Trainees Committee to facilitate quality education for all European Anaesthesiology trainees.



For the virtual congress, we prepared all together 7 sessions.

During the first day of the congress on Saturday 28th November, we will discover current opportunities for trainees in the area of simulation and research in the panel discussion “Trainees for Trainees” – What are the career opportunities in Simulation and Research?, and there will also be the traditional symposium about cooperation on national and international trainee sections ESAIC Trainees Committee and National Trainee Sections.

We will also discuss crisis management and difficult airway in the light of the Helsinki Declaration with experts in the field in the sessions Meet the Expert: 10 years of Helsinki Declaration – Difficult/failed intubation and Meet the Expert: 10 years of Helsinki Declaration – Human factor and crisis management: top ten take-home concepts.

Another possibility to discuss important and difficult problems of massive haemorrhage will be also on Sunday 29th November, in the session Meet the Expert: 10 years of Helsinki Declaration – Massive haemorrhage.

During the final day of the congress, on Monday 30th November, we will discuss the very current topic of trainee wellbeing, different training requirements and we will learn more about the European Junior Doctors Association in the panel discussion What does it mean WELLBEING” for a trainee? Specialists in their fields will also guide us through the hot topics in thoracic, cardiac and vascular anaesthesia in symposium Networking with the experts on Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anaesthesiology (which was the most wanted topic based on trainees voting through our Social Networks last year). Trainees will also have the opportunity to attend the Young Teaching Recognition Award final session during this day and maybe inspired to participate in the future editions.

We really hope you will enjoy the Euroanaesthesia Trainees’ Scientific programme even in this unusual virtual edition. Hopefully, next year the epidemiological situation will allow us to meet at Euroanaesthesia in Munich. Until then, we are very much looking forward to seeing you virtually!

Finally, on behalf of ESAIC Trainees Committee, we would like to thank you for all the hard work you are doing in these difficult times. We wish you an open and cheerful mind, perseverance, strength, and last, but not least, good health.


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