Newsletter March 2023: Research Committee 2022 report

Alexander Zarbock – Chair of the ESAIC Research Committee
Sylvia Daamen, Pierre Harlet, Saman Sepehr, Sophie Debouche, and Julia Dowell

This has been a busy and successful year for the Research Department, with many ongoing projects.

ESAIC Awards and Grants

grant-winners-2022-1-768x510-1We are happy to announce that in 2022 a total of 240.000€ was distributed among Research Grant winners. The grants were the Andreas Hoeft’s Grant (70€k, dedicated in 2022 to Anaesthesiology – winner: Daqing Ma), the Research Project Grant (50€k, dedicated in 2022  to Intensive Care – winner: Charissa van den Brom), the Sintetica Grant (20€K, dedicated to Hemodynamic support – winner: Adrian Wong) and the BJA – ESAIC Grant (100 €K, this is a collaboration between the ESAIC and the BJA Charity – winner: Susanne Eberl).

The submission process for the four 2023 Grants was initiated in 2022.

Clinical Trial Networks (CTN)

The ESAIC CTN  provides an infrastructure for Institutions, clinicians, and scientists to work collaboratively across international borders to improve patients’ care in Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Perioperative Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Pain Medicine.

In 2022, there were four CTN studies actively recruiting patients, and recruitment is planned to end  in 2023 (Clinical Trial Network | ESAIC)

Two of the studies were selected in 2018:

  • SQUEEZE: A prospective multi-centre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor use.

The chief investigators are Dr Ib Jammer and Dr Ben Creagh-Brown.

By the end of 2022, SQUEEZE recruited 19200 subjects and 2900 subjects for the SQUEEZE – UK substudy.

  • ARCTIC-I: Anaesthesiological Routine Care for Thrombectomy in Cerebral Ischaemia

The chief investigator of this study is Dr Andreas Ranft, and by the end of 2022, this study managed to recruit 1665 subjects.

The other two studies were selected in 2020:

  • MOPED: Management and Outcomes of Perioperative Care of European Diabetic Patients. The chief investigator is Prof. Donal J Buggy, and 2373 subjects were recruited by the end of the year.
  •  ENCORE: (The effects of anaesthetic techniques on time to start of adjuvant chemotherapy, and early- and late outcomes following surgery for colorectal cancer; the CI is Prof. Max Bell, and1990subjects were recruited by the end of the year.


The ESAIC runs a Mentorship Programme to promote the professional development of young researchers and established investigators. The one-to-one mentoring model enables the result of a personal relationship and provides individual support for the mentee.

At the end of 2022, Prof. Wolfgang Buhre left his position as Mentorship programme leader to be replaced by Prof. Carolina Soledad Romero.

For the 2020-2022 Programme, eight pairs graduated in the Award Ceremony in EA22 in Milan. A total of 19 publications came out of successful partnerships.

For the 2022-2024 Programme, 14 pairs have been selected and had their kick-off meeting at Milan EA2022. Additionally, Virtual Classrooms are provided for all Mentors and Mentees. The new programme will be launched in 2023.

Research Group

Research groups are supported by the e ESAIC Research Committee. In 2022 there were seven groups, and the PARNET group will start in 2023: EURO-PERISCOPE, POSE, PROVENet, RAPNET, PANDOS, NMBM-Net, and PRoVENT2+.Research Groups | ESAIC


Another exciting activity of the research department is surveys. Once the topic has been selected and approved by the Research Committee, a survey task force is built to develop the survey. In 2022, there were two publications for the launched surveys:

Multicenter international survey on the clinical use of inhaled nitric oxide in the perioperative setting and critically ill patients Survey on inhaled nitric oxide (2022)

The practice of oxygen use in anesthesiology- a survey of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (2022)

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