Newsletter March 2023: Patient Safety and Quality Committee 2022 report

Benedikt Preckel
Chair of the ESAIC Patient Safety and Quality Committee

Last year was busy yet fruitful for the Patient Safety and Quality Committee.

depositphotos_50544029_xlTwo main projects kept the committee members, as well as previous members who were co-opted for the different projects, busy:

  1. Safer Care to Save Lives – a complete training programme built on the Helsinki Declaration’s overarching principles and aimed at providing fundamental knowledge on patient safety in acute settings. While we are still busy developing the “Essential Patient Safety Course”, a series of eLearning modules for beginners, we have delivered different courses, both face-to-face and online, addressing all the other learning profiles, from beginners to experts, in the Advanced Patient Safety Course, the Helsinki Declaration Simulation Masterclass and the Patient Safety Masterclass. The subsequent events will be the Advanced Patient Safety Course on March 6 and 7 in Amsterdam (NL), the Helsinki Declaration Simulation Masterclass on the 11th and 12th of May in Grenoble (FR), and the Patient Safety Masterclass on October 8-11 in Madrid (ES). In addition, the International Forum on Safety and Quality (ISQ) was organized in Milan (IT), and a new edition will be held on Friday, June 2, in Glasgow (UK).
  2. The Peer Review in Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (PRiPSAIC) project began in earnest in 2022, starting with a pilot visit to Glasgow, Scotland, to refine and test the project protocols. Having perfected the procedure, subsequent visits to Kaunas, Lithuania and Porvoo and Tampere, Finland, showed how effective this project is in helping hospitals review their safety practices. In 2023, the project will visit the Republic of Moldovia and Czech Republic hospitals.
  3.  New to both the ESAIC and our Patient Safety Partners, representatives from the industry joined our Patient Safety Experts’ Meeting at Euroanaesthesia and our Patient Safety Partners Insight meeting to discuss how their valuable contribution to improved patient safety can be further developed in the future.

In 2023 we will expand the results of Safer Care to Save Lives and will continue our work on the different parts of this project. At the same time, we will launch new activities.

For my turn as chair of the PSQC, besides proceeding with the ongoing projects, I would like to start up two new activities: first, a Learning-from-Excellence initiative (sometimes described as Safety 2) and an update of the Helsinki Declaration, called HD 2.0, to be presented to ESAIC members during the congress in 2025, to keep the HD up-to-date and to challenge for the following years.

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