Newsletter March 2023: National Anesthesiologists Societies Committee 2022 report

Anne Marie Camilleri Podesta
Member of the ESAIC National Anaesthesiologists Societies Committee (NASC) – Malta Representative,

Federico Bilotta
Chair of the ESAIC National Anaesthesiologists Societies Committee (NASC)

Review of 2022 and projects for 2023

depositphotos_46302373_xlThe NASC comprises representatives from each National Society of Anaesthesiologists in Europe, promoting education and safe anaesthesiology practice. In 2022, the committee actively promoted initiatives and addressed National Societies’ proposals.

In January, a survey on European training requirements and duration was completed, emphasising the importance of standardisation (1). This priority requires dedicated initiatives due to new European Training Requirements released in 2022 (2).

In March, the NASC organized a web event in collaboration with the European Board of Anaesthesiology (EBA) regarding work-related fatigue on anaesthesiologists, mitigating factors and the purpose of the related survey. An editorial on work-related fatigue was published, and survey results will also be published (3).

Furthermore, the NASC, ESAIC President, EBA Chair, and the Spanish Society of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation (SEDAR) released a position statement to implement a 5-year duration training program for all European trainees.

In April, an NASC-ESAIC educational web event showcased the Teach-the-Teacher course, SimLab, E-education, and mentorship program initiatives. In June, an NASC meeting was held during Euranaesthesia 2022 in Milan, followed by a meeting in November.

In the same month, following the request of the French representative (SFAR), the ESAIC delivered a position statement intended to underline the importance of having trained anesthesiologists involved, as reference persons, in providing anaesthesia.

During the annual ESAIC meeting in Milan in June, the NASC representatives convention was held in person, allowing national representatives to voice proposals and ideas. The meeting was intended to give a voice to the national representative, and each one of the participants had a few minutes to self-introduce and present proposals and ideas to be developed.

Looking to the future, there are multiple projects in the pipeline for 2023. These projects have been developed with the active participation of the NASC representatives, European experts and ESAIC committee members and are intended to further develop the collective experience. In January 2023, the NASC Chair, Prof. Bilotta, presented four projects to the ESAIC Board of Directors, for which questionnaires will be circulated. These are:

  1. Anaesthesiology and intensive care training requirements. It is intended to be a short (5 items) questionnaire to be filled out by NASC representatives and to monitor the evolution of training requirements.
  2. The organisation of the Anaesthesia Team and Anaesthetic Workforce. Based on the original request from the SFAR and developed with the cooperation of the French, German and Italian representatives, the questionnaire includes 18 items. It is intended to be filled by NASC representatives.
  3. The role of the ESAIC in promoting simulation-based training. This initiative followed the request of several national representatives and was developed in cooperation with the ESAIC contact person responsible for simulation.
  4. Regulation of Work in Anaesthesia and ICU during pregnancy. It is designed to record the “real” picture of pregnancy, maternal/paternal work-related limitations, and leave during the child-bear and early after-delivery phases.

Sustainability is the theme for the NASC village, which will be held during Euroanaesthesia 23 in Glasgow. A sub-committee has been set up to address this vital topic.

All NASC members are encouraged to contribute to meetings, ensuring that national priorities are addressed and leading to projects and initiatives that improve education, clinical safety, and professionalism.


  1. Scudellari A, Bubenek S, Goldik Z, Bilotta F. A plea for standardisation in the duration of training in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine across Europe: A survey of representatives of the European National Anaesthesia Societies Committee. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2023 Feb 1;40(2):138-140. doi: 10.1097/EJA.0000000000001789. Epub 2022 Dec 13. PMID: 36514804.
  2. https://www.uems.eu/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/156199/UEMS-2022.12-European-Training-Requirements-in-Anaesthesiology.pdf
  3. Redfern N, Bilotta F, Abramovich I, Grigoras I. Fatigue in anaesthesiology: Call for a change of culture and regulations. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2023 Feb 1;40(2):78-81. doi: 10.1097/EJA.0000000000001767. PMID: 36592008.


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