Newsletter June 2021: We need to know what you think of our Newsletter!

Gabriel M. Gurman, MD
Chief Editor

I have no doubt that recently our readers noticed an important change in the Newsletter functionality. Since the beginning of this year, everyone can insert his/her comment on any of the monthly issued papers.

The editorial board took this decision with the aim of improving the bilateral link to all our members. Good and efficient as it can be, the Newsletter without a permanent and active contact with its readers would lose a good part of its task, that of representing an important tool of connecting people, between our members and the ESAIC Board and between our members themselves.
Unfortunately, the results up to now are not at all encouraging. Almost all the papers aired during the last months received no comment from any reader.

It means that today, as in all the previous years, we are facing a situation of having no idea if what we publish has any impact on our readers. Some would say that this is like giving full gas in neutral! We “hunt” papers, get in contact with people who could write about topics which- at least in our opinion-could interest those who share with us the same speciality, we try to convince (and also succeed) our officers about the importance of publishing in the Newsletter articles related to the daily activity of ESCTAIC, but we have no idea if we, indeed, offer our members what they do need and want.

Neither “letters to the editor” are a real preoccupation for our readers. Letters published in the Newsletter are, indeed, a rara avis!
The question is why?

Why do the papers published in our Newsletter “enjoy” an attitude of rather an indifference? Are we too busy, in our daily activity, and do not have the necessary leisure to dedicate a little time to insert a comment?

Or, even worse, we-the editorial board- fail in our way to present interesting topics, written by pertinent personalities, experts in their own field? Needless to say, without your help, nobody would be able to answer these questions.

This is why I address this short note to each one of our members and readers.

Please, let us know what do you think about what we publish. Write to us about everything which is related to the ESAIC Newsletter: format, frequency, style, subjects, easiness of approach, in short, anything!

Do I need to remind you that this electronic publication belongs to you and it must efficiently serve you?

Thanks a lot, in advance, for your help.


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Bazil Ateleanu
I admit I cannot be certain my opinion reflects the opinion of the majority. Especially in the “Brexit UK”, the overwhelming feeling of the natives is that “the Continent is covered in fog”. Personally, I think the results of Prof. Gabi Gurman, a super-dedicated essayist who writes not only from the sharp end of his pen but also from the bottomless depth of his experience (adding a lot of heart in the process), is sadly! accurate. We, the younger generation, lost the taste of a challenging opinion, the courage of having to defend a personal opinion. In the new world of exaggerated political correctness, many of us are content to shrug our shoulders and refuse the dialogue. In an environment where managers (many of them non-doctors, non-anaesthetists) are imposing on us on all angles, we learned to keep our opinions to ourselves in order to prevent surprisingly serious consequences. To a certain extent, the advent of the new “managerial” hierarchy is sadly the result of the disinterest and indifference of the medical profession to the new scrutiny in public (healthcare) finances. My contra argument in inviting you all to react, reply, publish, is that, at present, all of us resonate to an honest opinion of a fellow clinician, stripped from any political context. All of us are aware of some of our colleagues working in the periphery, away from the main centres, really appreciating the “gospel” of every ESAIC information. So please, leave your armour in your hospital, and please please please contribute to our Newsletter. It is my firm opinion that our anaesthetic world will be poorer without this trumpet of our own making, one of the few our orchestra still has in its repertoire.
8 months ago

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