Newsletter January 2024: Empowering Excellence - Prof. Wolfgang Buhre’s ESAIC President Message for 2024

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Dear readers, 

In the “Note from the ESAIC President” section, we are publishing a few words from Prof. Wolfgang Buhre, the new President of ESAIC. His appointment marks a pivotal moment as we embark on a transformative journey in 2024.  

With deep gratitude for the trust and support of fellow council and board members, Prof. Buhre is dedicated to leading ESAIC towards even greater excellence in perioperative and intensive care medicine. ESAIC’s reputation is grounded in science, research, education, examination, and outstanding guidelines. Prof. Buhre aims to strengthen these foundations while fostering collaboration and unity within our community. He commends the efforts of his predecessor and board members during the challenges of 2023, setting the stage for a promising future. 

Prof. Buhre’s presidency focuses on the synergistic relationship with national and sister societies, both European but also worldwide. He aims to continue the successful roadmap to a sustainable perioperative environment, one of society’s greatest challenges. It also includes plans for a comprehensive European database on perioperative medicine, collaboration with the European Pain Federation (EFIC), and highlighting the role of anaesthesiologists in intensive care and emergency medicine.  

Despite challenges like the shortage of medical practitioners and economic pressures, Prof. Buhre believes in our collective ability to overcome challenges and empower excellence across Europe. 

Empowering Excellence: Prof. Wolfgang Buhre’s ESAIC President Message for 2024

I am deeply honoured and humbled to address you as the newly appointed President of ESAIC. As we embark on this exciting journey, I extend my gratitude to my fellow NASC and board members for their trust and support. Together, we will strengthen perioperative-, emergency and intensive care medicine with enthusiasm and dedication. 

ESAIC has consistently been an example of excellence in our field, and my vision is to perpetuate this tradition by actively contributing to advancing European perioperative and intensive care medicine. We aim to serve our esteemed members and collaborate with national and international societies, nurturing our speciality. ESAIC’s reputation is built on the pillars of science, research, education, exceptional guidelines, and a renowned examination and mentorship programme. In our ever-evolving world, we encounter challenges, pitfalls, and risks, which can only be overcome when we unite as a formidable team. 

I extend my appreciation to Prof. Edoardo de Robertis and all current and retired board members for their tireless efforts throughout 2023. It was a year marked by trials, yet it also saw notable achievements and successes. 

During my presidency, I aim to focus on the following: 

  1. Strengths and Ambitions of ESAIC: ESAIC has consistently demonstrated its ambition, aspiring to:
    • Seamlessly combine education, research, examination, and guidelines. 
    • Foster sustainability through a well-defined roadmap. 
    • Cultivate close relationships with sister societies, including EACTAIC, ESPA, and others. 
    • Advocate for our speciality with a strong European voice on the European stage. 
    • Emphasise the importance of open bi-directional communication to effectively serve our members. 
  1. The Ambition Ahead: Our goal is to establish a comprehensive European database on perioperative medicine. This will be a major step forward in analysing quality and establishing real-world data research. Additionally, we plan to enhance our collaboration with the European Pain Federation (EFIC) to address emerging fields in pain medicine. Furthermore, we will delve into the vital role of anaesthesiologists in the field of emergency medicine. The era of connectivity and artificial intelligence creates new opportunities. 
  2. Challenges We Face: In our journey, we must acknowledge and address certain challenges:
    • The severe shortage of medical professionals poses a threat not only to the well-being of our medical professionals but also to the ability to help our patients… 
    • Healthcare systems face enormous economic pressure in several countries. 
    • The potential impact of waiting lists and production pressure on the time available for essential activities. 

As we embark on this new year, I am confident that we can overcome these challenges together, leverage our strengths, and realise our ambitions. ESAIC is not just an organisation; it is a community of dedicated professionals committed to the betterment of our speciality. 

I look forward to working hand in hand with all of you as we continue to empower excellence in perioperative and intensive care medicine across Europe. 

Beyond our professional endeavours, I wish every one of you a healthy, peaceful, and successful 2024. 

Yours sincerely, 
Prof. Wolfgang Buhre  
President, ESAIC  

Wolfgang Buhre, M.D, FESAIC is the Professor of Perioperative Medicine and Anaesthesiology at the University of Utrecht (UU), The Netherlands. He chairs the Department of Anaesthesiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht and is the Co-Director of the Department of Operating Theatres. (UMCU)

His research is embedded in the research track Circulatory Health. Wolfgang Buhre is the president of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. He serves as steering committee member or principal investigator of a number of national and multinational trials dedicated to perioperative outcome in high risk patients (EGDT, TRACE, POSE). He is also responsible for leading a ESAIC research group studying perioperative fluid management (PHOENICS,THETHYS) in patients undergoing high risk surgery.

Wolfgang has published more than 200 articles, supervised more than 15 PhD. students and is a well renowned speaker at national and international conferences. He is one of the authors of the recent ESAIC guideline on environmental sustainability and the Glasgow Declaration on sustainability in the perioperative period. Within the ESAIC, Wolfgang is active since 2002 and has served as member of different committees, in particular as member and chair of the Research Committee and the research mentorship program.


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