Newsletter February 2022: Participate in the European Sepsis Care Survey

Be Part of the European Sepsis Care Survey Study Group*

*One contributing person from each hospital will be named as a member of the European Sepsis Care Survey Study Group. The European Sepsis Care Survey Study Group will be listed in the author byline of future publications.

Dear Colleague,

Please participate in the European Sepsis Care Survey!

Your contribution will be crucial for the success of this project of more than 20 European countries. Already registered participants can be viewed here:

For embedding:

Or as weblink:


The objective of this survey is to investigate the current state of sepsis care around Europe, analysing procedures and protocols, quality improvement programs and quality indicators. The study will survey emergency departments, wards, intensive care units, clinical diagnostic and microbiological services.

No patient data are collected.
Conclusions about individual hospitals will not be drawn and not published.

Please register your hospital here.


We will send you a personal invitation by email.

We need your support to make this project huge and successful!


The European Sepsis Care Survey is led by a steering committee composed of members of the European Sepsis Alliance and representatives of important European medical societies.

The European Sepsis Care Survey is official endorsed by

Members of the Steering Committee (alphabetical order)

  •  Adam Linder, Sweden (Chair ESA working group research)
  •  Christian S. Scheer, Germany (Principal investigator)
  •  Daniela Filipescu (Vice-Chair of European Sepsis Alliance)
  •  Evangelos Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Greece (Chair of European Sepsis Alliance)
  •  Evgeny Idelevich, Germany (Representative ESCMID/Study Group for Bloodstream Infections, Endocarditis and Sepsis (ESGBIES)
  •  Konrad Reinhart, Germany (Founding president Global Sepsis Alliance)
  •  Matthias Gründling, Germany (Quality management project Sepsisdialog)
  •  Ricard Ferrer (Past-Chair SIS Section and Secretary-General, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM)
  •  Said Laribi (Representative European Society for Emergency Medicine, Research Network (EUSEM)

The European Sepsis Alliance’s mission is to fight sepsis in Europe. We are committed to changing how sepsis is prioritised, diagnosed, and treated within Europe as laid out by the WHO Resolution on Sepsis.

Sepsis is the dysregulated body’s response to most infectious diseases worldwide, including COVID-19. If not recognised early and treated promptly, it may lead to shock and multi-organ failure. With about 50 million cases and 11 million deaths worldwide per year, sepsis accounts for one in five global deaths. In Europe, sepsis accounts for around 3,4 million cases and almost 700.000 deaths yearly, the majority of which are preventable. However, we believe that this is an underestimate because the lack of accurate data collection and reporting remains one of the main problems in the management of sepsis.


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