Newsletter August 2022: New Strategy for the EJA and EJAIC

Charles Marc Samama, MD
European Journal of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

As ESAIC members and readers of the EJA and EJAIC, you will notice many exciting changes in the coming months! Don’t forget that you receive the journals as part of your membership, which can be accessed by logging into MyESAIC on the ESAIC homepage. Make sure you log in to view these exciting changes and updates.

Following a collaborative meeting of the Editorial Board and our Publisher at Euroanaesthesia 2022 in Milan, we would like to present our new strategy for the ESAIC journals.

It was decided that both journals will accommodate new types of articles for submission from clinical reasoning papers and secondary analysis articles, and articles about guidelines implementation. EJAIC will welcome protocols for publication with the full article published in the EJA or the EJAIC. EJA will also welcome pro-con debate papers, whereas EJAIC will consider a “Metrology” series.

Concerning pre-prints, manuscripts already posted on a preprint server may be submitted provided the pre-print is referenced. Please refer to the Information for Authors on the EJA’s online submission site for additional information on this matter.

If you are interested in submitting these article types to the ESAIC journals and have any questions, please contact the editorial office at eja@theeditorialhub.com.

Furthermore, the journals may request raw data from the authors on a more regular basis, as we have seen several submissions over the past year or so that have cast doubts about the veracity of the data. In addition, overlaps and similarities exceeding 20% will be rejected. A few exceptions may be tolerated.

We have also decided on a few changes concerning the Handling Editors. As a Society and as Editors, we are committed to transparency and openness in our journals. Therefore, the Handling Editors’ names will be included in the acknowledgements section of the published articles. Handling Editors will also receive the proofs of the papers they have overseen. This is another round of quality control we have introduced as we drive forward our commitment to publishing high-quality science. If necessary, the Handling Editors will mark up changes on the proofs and adjust article titles to ensure they are short, sharp and focused.

As with all scholarly journals, peer review is very important, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the many excellent reviewers who have contributed their time and expertise to the journals. Their involvement in the peer-review process has contributed significantly to the quality of the journals. As such, the ESAIC will be providing a mentorship scheme for peer reviewers. This will involve an interface with Mentorship (research-oriented) and with the Trainees Committee. Mentors will be identified, and a knowledge base for performing a peer review will be created. This will be announced and handled via the Trainees Committee and Mentorship Committee. The Editorial Board believes the outcome will enlarge the reviewer database with new and motivated young colleagues.

And don’t forget that Visual Abstracts are accepted for publication in ESAIC journals. Visual Abstracts are great for promoting your work on social media and the ESAIC’s and Publisher’s marketing channels, so we encourage you to submit a Visual Abstract to accompany your work when submitting your paper. More information is provided in the Information for Authors on the EJA’s online submission site.

Happy Anniversary

And finally, 2023 is an important year for EJA as it marks the 40th anniversary of the journal. The Editorial Board is preparing a set of surprises in our anniversary year, so stay tuned. More information will be shared from the ESAIC and the Publisher as we enter 2023 and in the following months.

Also, the ESAIC will continue to bring its members exciting news and developments about the journals and other initiatives throughout the year.

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