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Newsletter August 2020: Mentorship Programme - New Leader and congratulations to the 2018 ‘graduates’

The ESAIC Mentorship Programme was developed 5 years ago to promote the professional development of young researcher and established investigators. The one-to-one mentoring model enables the development of a personal relationship and provides individual support for the mentee.

Every year up to 15 ‘pairs’ of mentors and mentees are matched, and they work together for 2 years with regular contact and feedback to the ESAIC Research Team.

Prof. Claude Meistleman successfully oversaw four cohorts of mentors and mentees through the programme as the Mentorship Programme Leader and has recently handed over to Prof. Wolfgang Buhre. The 10 mentor and mentee pairs that have been selected for the 2020 to 2022 programme have all had personal video conferences with Prof. Buhre and are now starting to collaborate on research projects.

When the programme has been completed, the participants are awarded a certificate at Euroanaesthesia. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this isn’t possible this year and so we would like to congratulate the following mentors and mentees for successfully completing the ESAIC Mentorship Programme 2018 to 2020. We wish them the best for their future careers and are very interested to hear if they continue to collaborate professionally:

  • Prof. Francisco Javier Belda and Dr. Gunnar Lachmann
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Estebe and Dr. Sean Coeckelenbergh
  • Dr. Chulananda Goonasekera and Dr. Ana Mandras
  • Prof. Mikhail Kirov and Dr. Jakob Wittenstein
  • Prof. Jean-Jacques Lehot and Dr. Nikoletta Rahel Czobor
  • Dr. Michael Margarson and Dr. Charalampos Pantazopoulos
  • Prof. Martin Soehle and Dr. Sniedze Murniece
  • Dr. Spadaro Savino and Dr. Ntalouka Maria
  • Prof. Carolyn Weiniger and Dr. Aleksandra Jukic
  • Dr. Andrea Szekely and Dr. Sladjana Vasiljevic


Mentorship Programme


The Mentorship Programme will be open for applications for new mentors and mentees for the 2021 to 2023 programme near the end of this year. Please check the ESAIC website and contact the research team if you have any questions: Mentorship@esaic.org.


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