Media coverage - Sunday 5 June

On Sunday there were more high profile media articles featuring the congress, including a further two in The Guardian (in print and online), bringing the total for the congress to three in that publication.

Coverage of Session: Fatigue and its impact on our performance – Dr Nancy Redfern

part of session 16P5 – this session will take place during Monday, 14:00 – 15:00 in Room Amber 3

The Guardian (UK and international) Sleep-deprived medical staff ‘pose same danger on roads as drunk drivers’ | Health | The Guardian

Yahoo News (international) Doctors and nurses ‘should take nightshift power naps to keep patients safe’ (yahoo.com)

Postus (in French) – Le personnel médical privé de sommeil “présente le même danger sur les routes que les conducteurs ivres” | Santé (postsus.com)

Coverage of: German study links long-term exposure to air pollution before the pandemic to greater risk of severe COVID-19

Abstract COVAP02-02 For full abstract click here and for full poster click here

The Guardian (UK and international) – Severe Covid cases ‘more likely in highly polluted areas’ | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Libero Quotidiano (in Italian) – Covid, more risk of severe forms for those exposed to smog before the pandemic – Libero Quotidiano

les Actualities (in French)Les cas graves de Covid «plus probables dans les zones hautement polluées» | Coronavirus – Les Actualites

Espanol News (in Spanish) – Casos severos de Covid ‘más probables en áreas altamente contaminadas’ | Coronavirus – Espanol News – espanol.news

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