In loving memory of Prof. Paolo Pelosi: A Pioneer in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine who celebrated life and considered anaesthesiology a “lifestyle” profession

paolo-pelosiToday, we lost Professor Paolo Pelosi, an esteemed figure in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine. On May 30, 2023, Professor Pelosi passed away, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional contributions to medical research, clinical practice, and education. His untimely departure is a great loss to the medical community worldwide.

Born in Milan, Italy, in 1963, Professor Paolo Pelosi demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for medicine from an early age. He pursued his academic journey at the University of Milan, where he graduated magna cum laude in Medicine and Surgery. This was just the beginning of his remarkable career that spanned several decades.

Following his graduation, Professor Pelosi embarked on a journey of specialisation and research, achieving remarkable milestones along the way. He became a Specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and subsequently a Research Fellow in Anaesthesiology at the University of Milan. His thirst for knowledge and dedication to his craft led him to serve as an Associate Professor in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Insubria, Varese, from 1999 to 2010.

In recent years, Professor Pelosi held the prestigious position of Chief Professor in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the University of Genoa. He also served as the Director of the Speciality School in Anaesthesiology and headed the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at the renowned San Martino Policlinico Hospital in Genoa, Italy. As the President of the College of Professors in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in Italy, he played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the discipline in his country.

Professor Pelosi’s influence extended far beyond the borders of Italy. He was an influential figure in numerous international organisations and societies associated with Anaesthesiology and Critical Care. Notably, he served as the President of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) from 2010 to 2011, where he made significant contributions to the advancement of the field on a global scale. Additionally, he held key positions in the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the World Federation of Societies of Intensive Care and Critical Care Medicine (WFSCCM), demonstrating his commitment to fostering collaboration and progress in the medical community.

Throughout his illustrious career, Professor Paolo Pelosi made substantial contributions to the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care through his groundbreaking research. His primary focus was on respiratory physiology in the perioperative period and in critically ill patients. He spearheaded the establishment of the Protective Ventilation Network (PROVEnet), a multinational team of researchers dedicated to investigating protective ventilation and its impact on patient outcomes. Through PROVEnet, Professor Pelosi played a pivotal role in organising large-scale databases, observational trials, and randomised controlled trials worldwide, thus revolutionising the field of Anaesthesiology.

As an accomplished author and speaker, Professor Pelosi’s knowledge and expertise were widely recognised and respected. His publications included over 400 original papers, 163 papers under invitation, and 105 book chapters, covering a range of topics related to ventilation management, perioperative care, and the treatment of acute respiratory failure. He delivered lectures at numerous national and international meetings, sharing his insights and findings with fellow researchers, medical professionals, and students.

Professor Paolo Pelosi’s profound impact and tireless dedication earned him numerous accolades and honours throughout his career. He was the recipient of the esteemed T. Cecil Grey BJA medal and held the distinction of being an International member of the Brazilian Academy of Medicine. His contributions to the field were further recognised through honorary memberships in several scientific societies of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care across Europe and beyond.

Beyond his professional achievements, Professor Paolo Pelosi was admired and beloved for his unwavering dedication to education and mentorship. He actively participated in fellowship and resident educational programs, shaping the minds and careers of future anaesthesiologists. His passion for teaching, combined with his vast knowledge and experience, inspired countless individuals in the field.

Professor Paolo Pelosi leaves behind a profound and enduring legacy. His remarkable contributions to the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine have revolutionised patient care and shaped the future of the discipline. He will be remembered for his intellectual brilliance, leadership, and unwavering commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Professor Pelosi’s family, friends, colleagues, and all those whose lives he touched. May his legacy continue to inspire generations of medical professionals, and may he rest in eternal peace.

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Fernando Madroñero
A profoundly sorrowful loss, that of Dr. Pelossi, whom I had the privilege of listening to during one of his numerous conferences in the field of pulmonary ventilation, where he was truly an expert. A man who radiated generosity, with an immense capacity to teach and disseminate his scientific knowledge. He enters the annals of great names in Medicine. My condolences to family and friends.
2 months ago
Dr Shirish Prayag
We have fond memories of his wonderful, enthusiastic participation in the Annual Best Of Brussels Meeting in Pune, India. Great Teacher, Great human being Will be dearly missed Rest in Peace Paolo
3 months ago
Brendan McGrath
I went from listening to Paolo deliver inspiring lectures over the years to collaborating with him during the pandemic. A true legend of ICM and such a lovely man to talk to and engage with. A really big loss to our community. Rest in Peace Paolo.
3 months ago
Hans Knape
Paulo was a great source of inspiration, an excellent anaesthesiologist and researcher. Succeeding me as president of ESA he camera eforward with excellent initiatives and brought the society uw to a beter level. Most important hé was always very kind and in a goed mood. I Will never forget thuis great college. Hans Knape
3 months ago
Gordon Drummond
I had the privilege and pleasure of collaborating with Paolo over many years. Although we shared clinical and research interests, our personal interactions mostly involved participation in the governance of the (then) ESA. His energy, enthusiasm, and intellect were of great value to us all, and influenced the shape and direction of the society. He was a quintessential colleague: collaborative, innovative, and above all constructive: a greatly appreciated friend, beyond value, whom I am sorry has left us too soon.
3 months ago
Antonio Artigas
My good friend Paolo we will miss you !!! and we will always remeber you as an excellent scientist and your human and friendship relation with all your friends.
3 months ago
Diana Rivera
I didn’t have the opportunity to share any personal moments but I knew him through the lectures and his professional work, my colleague from the residence and I come to know him by papers. I learned a lot about protective ventilation when I was an anesthesia resident thanks to his contributions on this field. He will never know but many mexican lungs have been saved thanks to him. He not only shared his knowledge to the world but left a whole legacy to all the anesthesiologists who have known his work. My residents and I send our condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
3 months ago
Daniela Filipescu
Thank you Paolo, for all the inspiration, science and positive energy wide-spread around you. Thank you for everything! My condolences to his family and friends.
3 months ago
Ilona Bobek
Paolo was not only an exceptional person, who gave his knowledge unconditionally, but also a highly educated person in history. We will miss him very much.
4 months ago
Marcelo Gama de Abreu
I had the privilege of sharing memorable moments with Paolo during approximately 15 years of collaboration and friendship. He had many extraordinary capabilities as human being, educator, mentor, physician and researcher, but one impressed me most - the ability to hear and give the impression that you knew as much as him. And he always tried to learn from everyone, no matter how big his knowledge was already. I will miss him a lot, and never be able to write down a line of a manuscript or protocol without remembering those great years. I am deeply sad that he left us, but thankful for having had his friendship and guidance for so many years.
4 months ago
Caterina Aurilio
Paolo was not an ordinary person, other than an exceptional preparation in his fields of research was basically an extraordinary enthusiatic but especially a great friend.
4 months ago
Life is not about being rich,being popular,being highly educated or being perfect.It's about being a good professional,real,humble,and kind .Professor PAOLO PELOSI was everything A blessing and a privilege to have known him . REST IN PEACE
4 months ago
Juri Karjagin
Great teacher and always helpful and respectful for every one. Rest in peace prof. Pelosi
4 months ago
nikolaou iulia
4 months ago
Filaj vladimir
4 months ago
Tea Kareli
RIP. ESAIC would not be the same for me. Thanks for everything!!!
4 months ago
Peter Schulte
I am very saddened to hear of the too esrly passing of Professor Pelosi. He was a great physician and teacher. My thoughts are with his family and collegues. May you est in peace.
4 months ago
Kanishka Indraratna
His work and research influenced many, well beyond the boundaries of Europe. He was a honored guest at the annual academic sessions of the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka. I was honored to have collaborated with him on a multinational study. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family.
4 months ago
Rosário Órfão
Paolo Palosi was an inspirando Anesthesiologist and a good friend. My heart goes to his family, friends and collegues. RIP. Thanks for everythink from Portugal
4 months ago
francesca rubulotta
Prof. Pelosi's contributions to the birth of iWIN www.iWINideal.com was crucial. His enthusiasm, positivity and dedication to education have left an indelible mark. We are honoured to have had the privilege of working alongside him. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations as well as the iWIN community. We will pay tribute to his extraordinary contributions during our Opening Ceremony at iWIn 2023, Catania Sicily 29 June. grazie Paolo
4 months ago
Athanasios Chalkias
A great teacher, leader, and colleague! His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of anesthesiologists/intensivists.
4 months ago
Edda Tschernko
Paolo, all has been mentioned: excellent scientist, clinician, teacher! You improved Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine with your vast knowledge, great intellectual capacity and with your passion for our field! But above all you were one of the kindest human beings I had the pleasure to know. You influenced my academic carreer. Thank you so much, Paolo!!! I will miss you!
4 months ago
Tatjana Šimurina
?? bio je divan čovjek, veliki znanstvenik, izvrstan učitelj. ?? he was a wonderful man, a great scientist, excellent teacher. Rest in peace.
4 months ago
Ary Serpa Neto
Paolo will always be remembered! Thank you for so much, my friend!
4 months ago
Ma Flem
Terrible loss . I am very sorry :(
4 months ago
Sven Staender
Paolo was an outstanding personality. He will be greatly missed! My condolences to his family. RIP, Paolo.
4 months ago
Mohamed Adel jebali
Obviously He will remain a reference
4 months ago
Juraj Sprung
It was a privilege to know and be a Paolo’s friend. Great physician, scientist, educator. The field of Anesthesiology has lost a giant, and Paolo's premature departure will remain irreplaceable. I will miss collaboration, and the thing from now on will never be the same. Rest in peace, my friend. I've been beyond lucky to know you.
4 months ago
Ann De Poortere
Le mie sincere condoglianze per la perdita di una persona che era grandiosa nella sua integrità e personalità calorosa. È stato davvero un privilegio averlo conosciuto come individuo. Desidero molta forza alla famiglia in questo momento difficile. Possano tutti continuare ad essere ispirati dai bei ricordi che ha lasciato.
4 months ago
Giulio Minoja
It was a privilege to have Paolo in our ICU Team during his past stay at Varese Hospital. In that period of time we have greatly appreciated clinical competencies, tireless scientific activity and the extraordinary curiosity for any aspect of our Discipline. Today we lose a brilliant colleague, eclectic and passionate researcher, and a generous friend. Now and then the Colleagues calebrate him. Giulio Minoja, M.D., former Director of Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Varese Hospital (Italy)
4 months ago
Michael J Brenner
Paolo was the quintessential clinician, colleague, and teacher. He added immeasurably to the practice of critical care and anesthesia, both advancing current practice and inspiring legions of young healthcare professionals. The reach of his contributions across countries and continents transcended medicine to connects and elevate our team members in nursing, speech language pathology, respiratory therapy, and myriad other allied health professionals. I was especially grateful for his contributions to intensive care in patients requiring tracheostomy. His great innovation was exceeded only by his personal warmth and passion. He is a friend and colleague who will be long remembered and dearly missed.
4 months ago
Francisco Almeida Lobo
World Medicine lost a reference physician, a remarkable clinical scientist, a mentor. World lost a good Man. Many of us lost a Friend
4 months ago
Gary Mills
Paolo, what an inspiration. A blessing and a privilege to have known and worked with him.
4 months ago
Fabio Guarracino
We lose a Maestro in our discipline, our community will remember his lessons in everyday work.
4 months ago
Rob Sneyd
An extraordinary man, a fine scientist and an inspiration. Paolo will be greatly missed. I just searched my computer for a worthy photo (not found) but he appears in 1,546 documents on the hard drive - that says it all....
4 months ago
Carraretto, AR
Sentiremos muita falta de sua gentileza e disposição para o ensino, com o domínio total de suas áreas. Estivemos em algumas discussões. Que tenha o descanso merecido.
4 months ago
Hafize Fisun Demir
May he rest in peace. We all learned a lot from Dr. Pelosi throughout these years. İt is a terrible loss for the Anesthesiology community. My heart goes out to his family, friends and collegues.
4 months ago
Luc De Baerdemaeker
ESPCOP is a small specialist society with a focus on obesity. We had the privilege of receiving Paolo as an invited speaker on many occasions. Always full of energy and inspiring to all of us. We have lost a good friend and major supporter over many years. We are planning to name our Trainee prizes after Paolo. In honour of a great physician, excellent scientist and a lovely person. Our thoughts go out to his loved ones. from the ESPCOP Board Members
4 months ago
Stefan Trenkler
RIP Thanks for everything from Skovakia.
4 months ago

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