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ESAIC Newsletter Issue #82: From the Chief Editor

We are passing a very special period. The world is frightened, people die, social life is paralysed and it seems that life is taking a long, too long pause. And needless to say, all the scientific and professional gatherings have been postponed and nobody is able to foresee when we will be allowed to go back to our usual activities.

Euroanaesthesia 2020 was planned for May-June and has been postponed by several months to the end of November. The ESAIC Newsletter used to air each year a special issue immediately after the annual meeting, but this year we have been obliged to cancel it. Meanwhile, the ESAIC headquarters took the decision to change the format of the Newsletter, and rather than publishing it every couple of months, the future papers will be aired periodically, so our readers and members will have the chance to get informed online about the organisation’s activities and plans. So, we will start this new period with papers dedicated to the COVID-19 epidemic.  As mentioned above, we will keep working and publish articles which reflect ESAIC life, the National Societies activities, the thoughts of our members, and a lot more. We will be pleased to get our readers opinions about everything: about our speciality, about their own activities in the hospitals, and how the Newsletter fulfils your own expectations. Letters to the editor will be more than welcome.

The ESAIC Newsletter editorial team wishes our readers a fruitful activity and full health, please take care of yourself so that you will be able to take care of your patients.


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