ESAIC Message of support for Ukraine

ESAIC Message of support for Ukraine

March 2nd 2022

It is with great sadness, and utmost concern, the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) learns of the situation rapidly unfolding in Ukraine.

While we remain an apolitical, neutral organisation representing healthcare professionals across Europe, with a role to advance science and improve outcomes and patient safety through connection and not separation, we condemn the use of violence or war. We see no place for either in settling disputes of any kind.

We express our deepest sympathy to all colleagues and citizens hit by the war. We, trained to do everything possible to save lives, are sincerely saddened by the destruction and senseless loss of life occurring in Ukraine. We urge that the region receive the support and resources they need and are not prevented from providing humanitarian or medical assistance to those in need.

The ESAIC has reached out to the Ukrainian Association of Anaesthesiologists (UAA) and contacted the Ukrainian Council and NASC representative to offer direct help to UAA members and families.

For all our members who would like to contribute, the ESAIC asks you to consider donating to organisations setting up relief efforts to help civilian casualties and refugees in the region.

We plead for a swift and peaceful resolution to this conflict to stop further loss of life.


Additional Information and Support

ESAIC/ASA Joint Statement on Ukraine

Supporting Educational Resources

For any questions or to offer support, ESAIC members can contact supportukraine@esaic.org.


5 replies

Hello!Thank You very much, for the support of the Ukrainian anesthesiology community at this difficult time for us.
1 year ago
Ivan Myhal
Thank You very much, for the support of the Ukrainian anesthesiology community at this difficult time for us.
1 year ago
Ulbolhan Fesenko
We are grateful to ESAIC for their support of Ukraine anaesthesiologists in such a terrible time!
1 year ago
Karl Thies
I agree, we can't stay neutral in the face of terror and genocide. We need to stand united against the Russian aggressors that wage war, murder and total destruction on their neighbours in a delusional attempt to reestablish a Russian empire. We are Ukraine. Karl Thies, Germany Chair European Trauma Course Organisation
1 year ago
Prof. Jurate Gudaityte
Jurate Gudaityte, Lithuania Thank you for the strong and timely responses in support of Ukraine, the courageous nation and their President, a man with the lion’s heart ❤️! We are witnesses of real-time, full scale, non-simulated fight of to be or not to be, Good versus Evil. This is not the time to be neutral. Ukrainians are fighting for the existence of mankind and the Earth itself. In the fight for our victory every voice and every penny count. With all my love and support from Lithuania!
1 year ago

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