ESAIC/ASA Joint Statement on Ukraine

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) are united in our condemnation of the attacks on the people of Ukraine. As professional societies, we work together to create cultural understanding, academic exchange, and advancement. As health care professionals, our members are called to aid those in need, to advance patient care, and outcomes across borders. We are scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and members of society, with special obligations to all our fellow human beings. ASA and ESAIC will continue to encourage our members to donate to humanitarian aid/relief efforts in Ukraine and to support our colleagues working tirelessly to treat the victims of war.

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Jurate Gudaityte, Lithuania
Thank you for the strong and timely responses in support of Ukraine, the courageous nation and their President, a man with the lion’s heart ❤️! We are witnesses of real-time, full scale, non-simulated fight of to be or not to be, Good versus Evil. This is not the time to be neutral. Ukrainians are fighting for the existence of mankind and the Earth itself. In the fight for our victory every voice and every penny count! With all my love and support from Lithuania 🇱🇹 🇺🇦
4 months ago

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