EA21 Newsletter: Celebrating 10 years of the Euroanaesthesia Delegate Newsletter

Tony Kirby, Newsletter editor, tony@tonykirby.com

This year’s Euroanaesthesia marks the 10th year that I have had the honour of editing and presenting the delegate newsletter to all of you. I hope very much that you have found it informative, and been able to read some (if not many!) of the daily editions we have poured out across these years.

It was back in Euroanaesthesia 2012 in Paris that I was first hired to do this task. For those of you who don’t know my background, my degree is in biology and chemistry, I am a trained newspaper journalist, and also spent five years as a media manager at The Lancet Journals. However, as anaesthesia was not (and in many areas, is still not!) one of my specialities, I have depended on you, the session and abstract presenters, to help me interpret your work into a format that the rest of the delegates can easily understand. Many of you have helped me on multiple occasions. To all of you, I give my sincerest thanks.

So how do we choose what goes into each year’s newsletter? The key thing is variety, a mixture of interview-style articles along with session summaries so that delegates can have a quick overview of the day ahead or look back on what they have missed. I always try to select from as many tracks as possible. Of course, we always feature interviews with our current President, and, if about to change, our President-Elect, as is the case this year. We also feature interviews with our honorary members and select some of the abstracts that could be most of interest to both delegates and the general public.

By coincidence, one of the people whose advice I have depended on most is one of this year’s Honorary Members, Immediate Past President Prof Dr Stefan De Hert. Back in 2012, as Scientific Chair, he helped put together the approval process for the first newsletter and has featured in many articles himself in the years since. He has also been someone who I can come to for advice on the rare occasion that a newsletter article presents some sort of controversy. Referring to the 10th year of the Delegate Newsletter, Stef says that “the newsletter has gone from strength to strength over the past decade and gives a great snapshot of each day of Euroanaesthesia, as well as interviews with key people such as the President and award winners. Tony is always open to new ideas for articles so please e-mail him if you have any suggestions for future editions.”

I hope that this year’s meeting is our last online-only meeting and that we can all enjoy meeting in person at Euroanaesthesia 2022. Thank you again for all your help and kind attention over these years.

Tony Kirby, Euroanaesthesia Delegate Newsletter Editor

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