Campaign for occupational wellbeing on World Anaesthesia Day 16 October

This year for World Anaesthesia Day 2020, on Friday 16 October, the WFSA is asking anaesthesiologists around the world to take part in the campaign to highlight the importance of occupational wellbeing to anaesthesia. We at the ESAIC believe in this message and encourage our members to take part in this campaign. We all want the global anaesthesia family to come together to raise the profile of its wellbeing by sharing approaches for maintaining and providing professional wellbeing; helping other anaesthesiologists to better care for themselves and their patients.


What is the campaign about?

Anaesthesiologists experience high levels of occupational fatigue, burnout syndrome, chemical dependency, mental depression, suicidal ideation and more.

There is a link between occupational health and patient safety, with occupational fatigue being one of the main factors in a high prevalence of crises.

We would like you to share your tips for occupational wellbeing, how you combat occupational fatigue, stress or anxiety at work. Successful organizational, professional, and personal interventions may dramatically enhance the health and well-being of anaesthesiologists and reduce their stress levels, depression and intentions to commit suicide.

It’s ok to consider your own wellbeing. We want you to tell us what you do to care for yourself and your colleagues.

To take part in this campaign, follow the guidelines and social media toolkit provided on the WFSA website.


Professional Wellbeing resources gathered by the WFSA

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