Best Abstract Prize Competition at Euroanaesthesia 2023

dscf1044The highly anticipated Best Abstract Prize Competition (BAPC) at Euroanaesthesia 2023 happened today at the Exhibition area of the Congress. The BAPC is set to showcase ground-breaking research and innovative findings in the field of anesthesiology. With a diverse range of abstract presentations, this competition promises to highlight the exceptional work of leading professionals and researchers.

1st  Winner: Intraoperative frontal electroencephalogram substitutes for age in a predictive model of post-anesthesia care unit delirium

This abstract presentation delves into a fascinating research study that sheds light on an emerging technique in anaesthesia. The findings have the potential to revolutionise patient care and improve outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research and its implications for the field.

2nd Winner: Analyzing big data: could the ROX index predict risk for intubation in a surgical patient receiving NIV/CPAP?

In this abstract presentation, the focus is on a novel approach to perioperative pain management. The research explores innovative strategies that could enhance patient comfort and recovery. Gain insights into the study’s methodology, results, and potential implications for pain management practices.

3rd Winner: ​​​​​Evaluation of a software system for guideline-based premedication in anaesthesia

This abstract presentation offers a unique perspective on an important aspect of anaesthesia practice. The research investigates a specific patient population and aims to improve the delivery of care for individuals in this group. Discover the findings and their significance in addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by these patients.

The Best Abstract Prize Competition is a remarkable opportunity to witness the latest advancements in anaesthesiology research and learn from the brightest minds in the field. Stay tuned for the results, and join us in celebrating the exceptional contributions made by these researchers.

We would like to congratulate all abstract presenters and wish them the best of luck for the future!

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